10,000 BC

Jacob's Ladder (1990)
"The most frightening thing about Jacob Singer's nightmare is that he isn't dreaming."
A traumatized Vietnam war veteran finds out that his post-war life isn't what he believes it to be when he's attacked by horned creatures in the subway and his dead son comes to visit him.
Tim Robbins Jacob Singer
Elizabeth Peña Jezebel
Danny Aiello Louis
Matt Craven Michael
Pruitt Taylor Vince Paul
Jason Alexander Geary
Patricia Kalember Sarah
Eriq La Salle Frank
Ving Rhames George
Brian Tarantina Doug
Anthony Alessandro Rod
Brent Hinkley Jerry
S. Epatha Merkerson Elsa
Suzanne Shepherd Hospital Receptionist
Doug Barron Group Leader
Jan Saint Santa
Kisha Skinner Street Singer
Dion Simmons Street Singer
Sam Coppola Taxi Driver
Patty Rosborough Drunk
Evan O'Meara Sam
Kyle Gass Tony
Gloria Irizarry Mrs. Carmichael
Lewis Black Jacob's Doctor
Raymond Anthony Thomas Policeman
Christopher John Fields Field Medic (as Christopher Fields)
Jaime Perry Field Medic
Michael Tomlinson Field Doctor
A.M. Marxuach Field Doctor
Antonia Rey Woman on Subway
John Capodice Army Officer
John Patrick McLaughlin Army Officer
Bellina Logan Emergency Ward Nurse
Scott Cohen Resident Doctor
Davidson Thomson Evil Doctor
Bryan Larkin Jed
B.J. Donaldson Eli
Thomas A. Carlin Doorman
Carol Schneider Nurse
Becky Ann Baker Nurse
Diane Kagan Nurse
Billie Neal Della
Mike Stokie Field Sergeant
James Ellis Reynolds EMT Bearer
Dennis Rubin Green Attendant (as Dennis Green)
Brad Hamler Orderly
Reggie McFadden Partygoer
Stephanie Berry Partygoer
Chris Murphy Partygoer
John-Martin Green Partygoer
Arleigh Richards Paul's Wife
Ann Pearl Gary Mourner
Barbara Gruen Mourner
Joe Quintero Street Kid
John Louis Fischer Machine Gunner
Alva Williams Masked Man
Elizabeth Abassi Hospital Patient
Nora Burns Hospital Patient
Alison Gordy Hospital Patient
Jessica Roberts Hospital Patient
Holly Kennedy Hospital Patient
Blanche Irwin Stuart Hospital Patient
Perry Lang Jacob's Assailant
Robert Baglia Tommy, Patient (uncredited)
Steve Baker Pool Player (uncredited)
Orson Bean Himself - Game Show Panelist (archive footage) (uncredited)
Macaulay Culkin Gabe (uncredited)
Ed Jupp Jr. Eyeless Doctor (uncredited)
Producer: Alan Marshall
Writer: Bruce Joel Rubin
A visual masterpiece of horror and conspiracy.
This is easily one of Adrian Lyne's best films. Tim Robbins is excellent and the visual affects were just awesome. I saw this movie for the first time in the theatre and it blew me away. I've seen it many times after that, purely for the visuals that were done so well. The plot twists and turns as it spirals downward slowly revealing the truth and keeps you guessing all the way to the surprising ending. This is a dark, violent, beautiful movie that I recommend to all people who love horror, and just a smart story that will keep you in suspense until the very end.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
User credit 1:1001 movies you must see before you die
User credit 2:814
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.4
Musician: Maurice Jarre
Running time: 115 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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