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Gone Baby Gone (2007)
"Everyone Wants The Truth... Until They Find It."
Based on the Dennis Lehane novel about two Boston area detectives investigating a little girl's kidnapping, which ultimately turns into a crisis both professionally and personally.
Casey Affleck Patrick Kenzie
Michelle Monaghan Angie Gennaro
Morgan Freeman Capt. Jack Doyle
Ed Harris Det. Remy Bressant
John Ashton Det. Nick Poole
Amy Ryan Helene McCready
Amy Madigan Beatrice 'Bea' McCready
Titus Welliver Lionel McCready
Michael K. Williams Devin
Edi Gathegi Cheese
Mark Margolis Leon Trett
Madeline O'Brien Amanda McCready
Slaine Bubba Rogowski
Trudi Goodman Roberta Trett
Matthew Maher Corwin Earle
Jill Quigg Dottie
Sean Malone Skinny Ray Likanski
Brian Scannell Lenny
Jay Giannone Steve Penteroudakis
William Lee Big Dave
Daniel DeMiller Jr. Fillmore Regular
Kenneth Butler Jr. Fillmore Regular
Stephen Curran Fillmore Regular
Michael T. Blythe Fillmore Regular
Bob J. Leary Fillmore Regular
Mike Pusateri Fillmore Regular
John McColgam Fillmore Regular
Nicholas Donovan Kid on Bike
Joseph Thomas-O'Brien Kid on Bike
Jimmy LeBlanc Chris Mullen
Mary Bounphasaysonh Cheese's Girl
Fanshen Cox Doyle's Secretary
Kippy Goldfarb Francine Doyle
Elizabeth Duff Mrs. Bressant
Cathie Callanan Mrs. Poole
Cameron Henry Jimmy Pietro
Bobby Curcuro Bobby
Kevin Molis Officer in Procession
Robert Wahlberg Interrogating Officer
Tom Kemp Police Captain
Matt Podolske Officer Riley
Joseph Flaherty Murphy's Law Bartender
Carla Antonino Murphy's Law Waitress
Peg Holzemer Woman at Bar
Chelsea Ladd Boston Girl
Josh Marchette Dart Player
Tom McNeeley Teamster at Bar
Paul Horn Newscaster
Rena Maliszweski Newscaster
Suzanne Schemm Newscaster
Lonnie Farmer Newscaster
Richard Snee Newscaster
Dale Place Newscaster
Gary Tanguay Newscaster
Ted Reinstein Field Reporter
Celeste Oliva Field Reporter
Patrick Shea Field Reporter
Lewis D. Wheeler Field Reporter
Michele Proude Field Reporter
Tim Estiloz Field Reporter
Karen Eris Field Reporter
John Belche Field Reporter
Raymond Alongi West Beckett Police Officer
Joey Vacchio State Trooper
Eamon Brooks State Trooper (as Eamon M. Brooks)
Vincent H. Carolan State Trooper
Frank G. Sullivan State Trooper
Karen Ahern Reunited Police Officer (as Karen T. Ahearn)
Producer: Ben Affleck,Sean Bailey,Alan Ladd Jr.,Danton Rissner
Writer: Ben Affleck,Aaron Stockard
Gone but Never Forgotten
In his directorial debut, Ben Affleck has completely morphed himself into an emerging artist and even more challenging director. Gone Baby Gone might be the most innovative and moral challenging film of recent years. This is the story of young Amanda, a little girl who mysteriously disappears from her home and the activity and dangers that befall upon the people involved in her finding.

The film stars Affleck's brother Casey as Patrick, in his most challenging and engrossing performance to date. Not since Sean Penn in Mystic River has a role been so subdued yet immensely victorious and depth defying in choice of delivery and spot on emotions. Casey Affleck has paved the way for himself in roles that demonstrate the actor's showcase and give the performer range. It's a bit odd what to make of the younger Affleck in the upcoming awards season. He fairs a better shot for his earlier raved performance in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford for a nomination, but his performance in Gone Baby Gone is far more superior. Especially with upcoming prospects such as Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp and other big name talents, it'll be a tough road ahead for him.

Ed Harris, who's been long "overdue" for Oscar recognition is purely haunting in his role as Remy, a hard-nosed cop looking for young Amanda. In one scene in particular, Harris shines and gives his best portrayal since The Hours. Although his character is a bit one-dimensional, Harris elevates the material and turns it into his show and steals frame after frame in a role easily lost in a picture like this.

Morgan Freeman, in a role we have not seen him in before, plays Captain Jack Doyle, the head of the missing persons unit with personal experience in the loss of a child. Freeman, although absent for most of the narrative, sugar coats the top acting talent in the picture. Freeman's agenda into more range projects in his older career is reaffirming his Oscar win in 2003 for Million Dollar Baby, but now with the more rewarding films worthy of consideration.

Michelle Monaghan who's a bit of an unknown face, plays Angie, Patrick's significant other who's personal fears interfere with her involvement in the case. To be honest, Monaghan gets lost in the shuffle and while the audience empathizes with her throughout the latter of the film, she's placed into a role easily overshadowed by stronger characters. Perhaps being the only strong woman role would have gave us something to awe at, but not with the guns at full blaze at the hands of Amy Ryan.

Ryan plays Amanda's mother Helene, definitely not the most likable of characters but tragic in character arc. It's like a full on tennis match going back and forth with Ryan and audience; the viewer is hating her one moment and then needing to hold her the next. Helene is multi-layered and grasps her own importance of parenting and the whole film it becomes a fallen angel lost in the fire. That is the tragedy of the film, a film not only about the loss of a little girl, but the loss of innocence and the torment that betrayal, guilt and corruption can weigh on our souls.

Ben Affleck is completely in control of this film, which he has lacked in his performances often. He knows what the mission is of this picture and would gladly take a spot amongst some bigger, older talents among Oscar prospects this year. Along with Co-adapting the film with Aaron Stockard, if Oscar is feeling like inviting Affleck to the Kodak, the screenplay category seems like a better fit, especially with an already win for Good Will Hunting. Other possibilities for consideration is wonderful cinematography by John Toll and a great musical score by Harry Gregson-Williams.

Comparisons to Mystic River are all about, being done by the same author how could we expect no less. Mystic River had more of the message of the domino effect of one's actions on others, Gone Baby Gone brings it to a new level. This film is about a society, a society who has lost the importance of innocence and the beauty of life. It focuses on the beauty of children and rest assure, when the film is over, if you're not yearning to be a better parent of embrace a child as a blessing, there is probably emptiness in your chest. This film is marvelous, beautiful and spectacular. A must-see film of the year and a pleasant surprise coming from Ben Affleck.

Grade: ****/****

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 8.0
Musician: Harry Gregson-Williams
Running time: 114 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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