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Lone Star (1996)
"John Sayles invites you to return to the scene of the crime."
When the skeleton of his murdered predecessor is found, Sheriff Sam Deeds unearths many other long-buried secrets in his Texas border town.
Stephen Mendillo Sgt. Cliff
Stephen J. Lang Sgt. Mikey
Chris Cooper Sheriff Sam Deeds
Elizabeth Peña Pilar Cruz
Oni Faidah Lampley Celie
Eleese Lester Molly
Joe Stevens Deputy Travis
Gonzalo Castillo Amado
Richard Coca Enrique
Clifton James Mayor Hollis Pogue
Tony Frank Fenton
Miriam Colon Mercedes Cruz
Kris Kristofferson Sheriff Charlie Wade
Jeff Monahan Young Hollis
Matthew McConaughey Buddy Deeds
Joe Morton Colonel Delmore Payne
LaTanya Richardson Sgt. Priscilla Worth
Eddie Robinson Chet Payne
Ron Canada Otis Payne
Chandra Wilson Pvt. Athena Johnson
Damon Guy Shadow
Dee Macaluso Anglo Mother
Luis Cobo Mexican-American Father
Marco Perella Anglo Father
Don Phillips Jr. High School Principal (as Don Phillips)
Mary Jane R. Hernandez Mexican-American Mother
Jesse Borrego Danny
Carina Martinez Paloma Cruz
Tony Plana Ray
Richard Jones Ben Wetzel
Beatrice Winde Minnie Bledsoe
Gabriel Casseus Young Otis Payne
Randy Stripling Roderick Bledsoe
Richard Reyes Jorge
Olga Luna Waitress
Juan Vega III Cook
Lizzie Curry Martinez Girl
Leo Burmester Cody
Carmen De Lavallade Carolyn
Vanessa Martinez Young Pilar
Tay Strathairn Young Sam
Sam Vlahos Pete
Maricela Gonzalez Anselma
Tony Amendola Chucho Montoya
Gilbert R. Cuellar Jr. Eladio Cruz
James Borrego Young Chucho
Gordon Tootoosis Wesley Birdsong
Lisa Suarez Marisol
Jesus Ramirez Driver
Frances McDormand Bunny
John Griesemer Football Announcer (voice)
Eduardo Martínez Jaime
Azalea Mendez Young Mercedes
Producer: R. Paul Miller,Maggie Renzi
Writer: John Sayles
A good watch for those who missed it in 1996.
In "Lone Star", a skull is found in an isolated part of a Texas border county which begins an investigation by the local Sheriff who must unlock a closet full of skeletons to solve the mystery. Critically acclaimed and a high scoring flick on this website, "Lone Star" is a film to be reckoned with. It features solid performances without the usual blockbuster star power, an engaging story, a real feel, and masterful editing which allows for a seamless presentation of the numerous flashbacks required to tell the story. You'll find little emoting or little reason to emote in this matter-of-fact contemporary film which ends with a kicker. Worth a look for just about anyone mature enough for the subject matter.

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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.6
Musician: Mason Daring
Running time: 135 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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