"100 höjdare"

Wedding Daze (2008)
After the death of his girlfriend, Anderson tries to move on by asking a complete stranger to marry him.
Mark Consuelos
Producer: Jane Berliner,Sammy Lee,Benny Medina,Jeff Pollack
Writer: Colette Burson,Lamar Damon
a great message to all nations
We all know the faces and we all find them sympathetic and entertaining. But in this case it is a little different. ( in a good way ) The movie has an important message to all of us that i believe with all my senses. We can, and are able to live together happily ever after. There exists no reasons for us to not tolerate each other. Just accept stranger people, cultures, continents as they already are. No big deal with that. A very heart warming message i really am stunned to see unexpectedly in a romantic comedy movie.

So i thank Jane,Sammy,Benny,Jeff,Jason,İsla,Michael,Ebon,smithy,Jane and all others.

The film is about a depressed and desperate young man and a young woman deciding to marry each although they are completely stranger to each. Yeah they are that desperate!!

So the friends, parents has to meet and get along successfully.

Great scenario, talented acting, lots of laughter with no immoral scenes (for a Hollywood movie i mean)in it. A must see film. You will have an amazing time with your family watching it.

There is a little fault in the film (without harming the main concept)about Islam as most of the movies. Now speaking to the all film producers in Hollywood "There is no difficulty to get some useful knowledge about Islam. You do not have to hire a consultant or make a hard investigation. Just ask someone "Brother is this right" or "Brother how is this" to your neighbor or maybe a cab driver. İt is that simple and very useful as all the world is watching your movies and you have some friends on the other side of the ocean ready to give you a hand to make the world better.

Or just contact with the IMDb management and send a message in the home page. You will have answers and solutions as there are lots of IMDb fans in the Muslim world. We have much in common, we both enjoyed pirates of the Caribbean 3, and both survived shrew 3.

A very tender movie full of love for nations. Happy to watch.

Storage device:DVD
Running time: 90 min (DVD)
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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