"100 höjdare"

All about my mother(1999)
"Part of every woman is a mother/actress/saint/sinner. And part of every man is a woman. (English trailer)"
Young Esteban want to become a writer and also to discover the identity of his father, carefully concealed by the mother Manuela.
Cecilia Roth Manuela
Marisa Paredes Huma Rojo
Candela Peña Nina
Antonia San Juan Agrado
Penélope Cruz Hermana Rosa
Rosa Maria Sardà Madre de Rosa (as Rosa María Sardá)
Fernando Fernán Gómez Padre de Rosa
Toni Cantó Lola
Eloy Azorín Esteban
Carlos Lozano Mario
Fernando Guillén Doctor en 'Un tranvía llamado Deseo'
Manuel Morón Doctor 1
José Luis Torrijo Doctor 2
Juan José Otegui Ginecólogo
Carmen Balagué
Malena Gutiérrez Malena
Yael Barnatán Yael (as Yael Bernatán)
Carmen Fortuny Carmen
Patxi Freytez Farmacéutico
Juan Márquez
Michel Ruben
Daniel Lanchas
Rosa Manaut
Carlos García Cambero (as Carlos G. Cambero)
Agustín Almodóvar
Paz Sufrategui
Lola García
Esther García
Inmaculada Subira
Pedro Almodóvar Voice saying 'Eva al desnudo' (voice) (uncredited)
Cayetana Guillén Cuervo Mamen (uncredited)
Fito Páez Espectador (uncredited)
Lluís Pasqual (uncredited)
Writer: Pedro Almodóvar
One of the best films ever made
I first saw this movie at the Seattle Film Festival and was really blown away by it. What a adventurous story this is. Almodovar has been consistently making one great film after another. He is one of the most prolific directors alive today. He never shies away from interesting material. And he is always pursuing new things stylistically. The acting in this film is superb also. High calliber actors everywhere doing the best work of their lives. I especially liked Cecilia Rath's performance - simple and no-nonsense stuff. How do we get more films like this made? I wander if Almodovar can sustain work on this scale in the future. I really hope he does and I plan to see every one of his films.

User credit 1:1001 movies you must see before you die
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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.8
Musician: Alberto Iglesias
Running time: 101 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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