"100 höjdare"

Wild Seven (2006)
"The REAL Generation Gap"
Robert Forster Wilson
James M. Hausler Buckley
Robert Loggia Mackey
Richard Roundtree Lee Marvin
Lucie Arnaz Sylvia
Meghan Ashley Diner Patron
Timothy Avent Man Shot By Young Mackey
Christopher Clark Conner
Sean Galdo Stanley the Bank Teller
Steve Gresser Bank Manager
Larry 'Tank' Jones Cyrus Woods
Heather Kole Waitress
Christina Leigh Casino Waitress
Michael Mandell Phillip
Aldred Montoya Serdy
Tyler Parkinson Petey
Cathy Rankin Alyssa
Robert James Raymond Cashier
David Sotelo Roulette Dealer
Zev Stern Nick
Heather Taylor Bank Teller
William Wiyugal The Texican
Dona Wood Woman with Baby
Denton Hanna Young Mackey (uncredited)
Cyrus Lassus Strip Club Patron (uncredited)
Jose Rosete Strip club patron (uncredited)
Producer: Timothy P. Haskins,Michelle Vogler
Writer: James M. Hausler
Awesome Updated Western
Man-I would just like to say to the director of this film: DON'T LISTEN TO ALL THOSE WHINY CRITICS! I mean, "Matchstick Men" as a recommendation? Please. Listen: this is obviously a young filmmaker and an impressive feat for one of his first movies. The guy had the wherewithal to pull it off and utilize some amazing, overlooked talent. The setting is gorgeous, there are incisive bits of off-color humour, and, despite the comparisons to Tarantino, the writing is pretty original. And so what if something reflects Tarantino? He's one of the greatest and most popular directors of our time! Isn't most art derivative? Tarantino obviously contributed to the culture in which this young director was raised. Give him a break! Frankly (at the LA festival), I was captivated and refreshed by the young talents that are part of this movie.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.9
Musician: Christopher Mangum
Subtitles: Svenska
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