"Malcolm in the Middle"

The Astronaut Farmer (2006)
"If we don't have our dreams, we have nothing."
A NASA astronaut (Thornton), forced to retire years earlier so he could save his family farm, has never give up his dream of space travel and looks to build his own rocket, despite the government's threats to stop him.
Billy Bob Thornton Charles Farmer
Virginia Madsen Audrey 'Audie' Farmer
Max Thieriot Shepard Farmer
Jasper Polish Stanley Farmer
Logan Polish Sunshine Farmer
Bruce Dern Hal
Mark Polish FBI Agent Mathis
Jon Gries FBI Agent Killbourne
Tim Blake Nelson Kevin Munchak
Sal Lopez Pepe Garcia
J.K. Simmons Jacobson
Kiersten Warren Phyllis
Rick Overton Arnold 'Arnie' Millard
Richard Edson Chopper Miller
Elise Eberle Madison Roberts
Julie White Beth Goode
Graham Beckel Frank
Marshall Bell Judge Miller
Kathleen Arc Mrs. Harder
Lois Geary Mrs. Graham
Dianne Anderson Mathis Reporter #1
William Lawrence Allen Reporter #2
Gregory Chase NASA Committee Member
Forrest Fyre State Senator
Janelle Sperow State Congresswoman
Robert E. Fleischer Will Beacon
Kathy Lamkin Jodie
Charlie B. Brown Phil (as Charlie Brown)
Gary Houston Dr. Livingston
Richard Holcomb Reporter #4
Adam Taylor FBI Agent #1
David House FBI Agent #2
John Lawrence Page FBI Agent #3
Mark Mathis ABC News Reporter
Matthew Kimbrough Henry Malone
Richard McClarkin Karl
Brian McCallister Student
Jay Leno Himself
Doris Hargrave Gretchen Boyd
George McKelvey Doug
Steve Cormier Appraiser
Scarlett McAlister Local News Reporter
Deborah Martinez Reporter #3
Benjamin Petry Child #1 (as Ben Petry)
Cheyenne Serano Child #2
Robyn Reede Secretary
Olive Gallagher Morning Show Host
Kevin Wiggins Rocket Expert
Joan Findley Reporter
Mary Sue Evans NASA Expert
Ida Darvish Italian Anchorwoman
Eugene Nomura Japanese Anchorman
Vikrum Shah Hindu Anchorman (as Vik Shah)
Yvans Jourdain French Anchorman
Jennifer Chu Chinese Anchorwoman
Dallas Raines National Anchorman
John Burke Reporter
Roy Costley Astro 'Nut' Local
Esodi Geiger CNN News Reporter (as Esodie Geiger)
J.D. Garfield Sky Copter Reporter (as JD Garfield)
J. Michael Oliva Balloon Game Carnie (as J. Michael 'Yak' Oliva)
Richard Gunn Square Dance Caller
Marc Miles Rocket Ride Operator
Jenny Gabrielle Vanessa
Hannah Wiggins Child #3
David Marcilla Child #4
Joe SolĂ­s Square Dance Caller #2 (as Joey Solis)
Mark DeLisle Mission Control #1
Robert Michael Lee MP #1
David Sullivan Young Man
Evan Adrian Basketball Player (uncredited)
Rhett Lynch Towns Person (uncredited)
Lucas Ruggles FBI Agent (uncredited)
Bruce Willis Col. Doug Masterson (uncredited)
Producer: Len Amato,Mark Polish,Michael Polish,Paula Weinstein
Writer: Mark Polish,Michael Polish
A Great Rocket Ride
This is a wonderful movie. Simple and elegantly made. There are many layers to this movie that haven't been written about on this site. More like frustration and negativity seem to fuel these message boards. Cynicism is alive and well. The knit-pickers can make a nice lint blindfold if they choose not to see this movie for what it is: entertainment. Like Spielberg, Capra and many others the Polish brothers have arrived with a classic piece of storytelling.

The Polish Brothers have depth and while it seems it's their glossy turn to make a Hollywood movie they continue with their wit and edge, try and spot "The Last Supper" scene. Look for the homage to "The Right Stuff", "Apollo 13" and "Armageddon". The son is named Shepard after the astronaut. And I assume that the daughter is named Stanley after Stanley Kubrick since the Grandpa is named HAL ( 2001 : Space Odyssey). There's definitely an undertone for the hardcore Polish brothers fans. The dialogue alone is worth the price admission. Of course you'll need to suspend your disbelief for a story that seems so far fetched, a man launching himself into space, although I have read of 2 rocket men who have attempted this same idea-- but every time you walk into a movie theater you have to surrender some logic. Just the fact it's called a "movie" should tell you something before you purchase the ticket.

It's unfortunate that most reviewers feel like victims and have a need to share their boredom. I can imagine this movie not doing good with men who have lost their inspiration or desire. My brother in fact didn't like this movie because he said it wasn't possible. I don't remember him having this much trouble with "E.T." or "Forest Gump". My brother gave up his dream of being a writer, he now teaches high school drama. I debated with him over the fact this movie is also metaphorical and it's about everyones dream. That is why the rocket is named "The Dreamer" because everyone is dreamer, or has a dream they're building. This movie really shook up my brother and his dislike of this movie should motivate him.

I enjoyed this movie so much. I was able to bring my dad, kids and husband and that in itself is a triumph and the filmmakers should be awarded for that.

9 out of 10 stars, only because I am keeping one star for my dream.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.5
Musician: Stuart Matthewman
Running time: 104 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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