"Malcolm in the Middle"

Rush Hour 3 (2007)
"They're rushing through the hours quick "
After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads' secret leaders.
Chris Tucker Detective James Carter
Jackie Chan Chief Inspector Lee
Hiroyuki Sanada Kenji
Youki Kudoh Dragon Lady
Max von Sydow Varden Reynard
Yvan Attal George
NoƩmie Lenoir Genevieve
Jingchu Zhang Soo Yung
Tzi Ma Ambassador Han
Roman Polanski Detective Revi
Henry O Master Yu
Michael Chow Chinese Foreign Minister
M. Kentaro French Assassin
Andrew Quang Kung Fu Kid
Ludovic Paris French Cop #1
Richard Dieux French Cop #2
Olivier Schneider French Cop #3
Philippe Bergeron Baccarat Dealer
Daniel Yabut Croupier
Frank Bruynbroek Bartender
Lisa Piepergerdes Falling Woman
Eric Naggar Front Desk Man
Silvie Laguna Elevator Woman
Micaelle Mee-Sook Chinese Waitress
Daniel Decrauze Singing Guitarist
Ann Christine Dressing Room Girl #1
Anna Chiu Dressing Room Girl #2
Heather Mostofizadeh Dressing Room Girl #3
Jasmine Dustin Dressing Room Girl #4
Francesca Cecil Dressing Room Girl #5 (as Francesca C. Cecil)
David Goldsmith Clown
Michel Francini Old Man on Balcony
Julie Depardieu George's Wife
Marc Hoang Eiffel Tower Lookout (as Hoang Nghi)
Lisa Byrnes Gendarmes Dancer
Melissa Cabrera Follies Dancer
Mandy Coulton Gendarmes Dancer
R.J. Durell Follies Dancer
Catherine Ferrino Gendarmes Dancer
Loriel Hennington Follies Dancer
Rachael Markarian Gendarmes Dancer
Jaayda McClanahan Follies Dancer
Ann Beth Miller Follies Dancer
Victoria Parsons Follies Dancer
Diana Carr Gendarmes Dancer
Kayla McGee Gendarmes Dancer
Tanja Plecas Gendarmes Dancer
Liliya Toneva Gendarmes Dancer
Philip Baker Hall Captain William Diel
Sun Ming Ming Kung Fu Giant
Vanessa Tarazona Gendarmes Dancer
Producer: Roger Birnbaum,Andrew Z. Davis,Jonathan Glickman,Arthur M. Sarkissian,Jay Stern
Writer: Jeff Nathanson,Ross LaManna
It was very good but I think the series should end here
So again we are back with a sequel of the Rush Hour series. The first two were pretty good comedy movies staring both Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as cop partners with a typical plot with good action mixed with comedy. This one follows the same structure, but how does it hold up?

If you liked the first two, you'd probably enjoy this one. There's quite a few decent action scenes and again Chris Tucker's character delivers a lot of the jokes and Jackie Chan's still got the awesome moves and stunts but is it just me or was the action a bit tamer compared to the other two? Not that its much of a problem since I still enjoyed it but just something I noticed. Anyway, usual plot including a kidnapping and this time they go to Paris, and the two meet up with a person who wants to be like a spy.

It was very good and I'm glad the series is still working but perhaps the series should end here. It's hard to tell, but usually 3 movies is enough and the first one started like 10 years ago so its a rather large gap. The movie delivered a few laughs, some action scenes, and for what it was I thought it stayed true to its previous movie structures. I'm glad that Chris and Jackie still work well together, but to be honest I think the series should end with this one before it goes overload and loses what made it fun in the first place.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.3
Musician: Lalo Schifrin
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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