"Malcolm in the Middle"

Pride (2007)
"Inspired by true events. "
The determined Jim Ellis starts a swim team for troubled teens at the Philadelphia Department of Recreation.
Terrence Howard Jim Ellis
Bernie Mac Elston
Kimberly Elise Sue Davis
Tom Arnold Bink
Brandon Fobbs Puddin Head
Alphonso McAuley Walt
Regine Nehy Willie
Nate Parker Hakim
Kevin Phillips Andre
Scott Reeves Jake
Evan Ross Reggie
Gary Anthony Sturgis Franklin (as Gary Sturgis)
Jesse Moore Artrell (Willie's Father)
Carol Sutton Ophelia (Andre's Mother)
Tony Bentley Race Official (UOFB) (as Tony Bently)
Vance Strickland Race Official (Mainline)
Louis Herthum Coach Logan - 1964
Wayne Ferrara Race Official (PDR)
George Sanchez Starter - 1964
Anthony Bean Ron Lincoln (Employment)
Jim Ellis III City Worker
Harold Evans Reverend (as Harold X. Evans)
Catherine Shreves TV Reporter
Terence Rosemore Black Maintenance Man
Joni L. Marsaw Hot Girl #1
Courtney N. Evans Hot Girl #2 (as Courtney Evans)
Candice Crump Hot Girl #3
Shasta Clements Hot Girl #4
Ernest Anthony Bob the Barber
Cynthia LeBlanc Swim Parent (uncredited)
Producer: Lex Breweur,Brett Forbes,Paul Hall,Michael Ohoven,Patrick Rizzotti,Adam Rosenfelt,John Sacchi
Writer: Kevin Michael Smith,Michael Gozzard
Been there. Done that.
"... marathon swimming is the most difficult physical, intellectual and emotional battleground I have encountered, and each time I win, each time I touch the other shore, I feel worthy of any other challenge life has to offer." Diana Nyad

Pride is a cliché from the first frame to the end. But I can't change the truth on which these stereotypes were built. In 1974 Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard), a former swimmer now janitor, coaches a rag-tag, sand lot group of talented minorities from the Philadelphia Department of Recreation to state-wide championships in swimming by invoking PDR (pride, determination, resilience). Been there, done that in movies. Within the last year, several films were based on true stories told of coaches and players overcoming odds to become winners: Gridiron Gang, Glory Road, Coach Carter, and Invincible come to mind.

The difference from the usual fare is swimming, arguably not a strong sport for minorities. The real difference is Ellis, who slowly gains the trust of the lost young athletes at the local center. Ellis doesn't harangue like Bobby Knight or physically react like Woody Hayes; he just shows them how to swim precisely and focused while he also reinforces their need for education. Along the way, of course, is the hanging-about drug dealer/pimp with his alluring dollars and the nagging but attractive single mom, who reluctantly hooks up with Ellis.

All this usually formulaic film fiction-inspired-by-real events is made palatable by engaging actors and the spirit of this lovable coach, still working to this day, who never gave up on the students. Love and trust—sounds like an effective combo even for nations.

You've seen it all before, but you won't be bored because the truth about hard work and love is romantic and enduring.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 3.6
Musician: Aaron Zigman
Running time: 104 min (European Film Market) / USA
Subtitles: Svenska
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