"Malcolm in the Middle"

Norbit (2007)
"Have you ever made a really big mistake?"
A mild-mannered guy (Murphy) who is engaged to a monstrous woman (Murphy) meets the woman of his dreams (Newton), and schemes to find a way to be with her.
Eddie Murphy Norbit
Thandie Newton Kate Thomas
Terry Crews Big Jack Latimore
Clifton Powell Earl Latimore
Mighty Rasta Blue Latimore (as Lester "Rasta" Speight)
Cuba Gooding Jr. Deion Hughes
Eddie Griffin Pope Sweet Jesus
Katt Williams Lord Have Mercy
Floyd Levine Abe the Tailor
Anthony Russell Giovanni
Pat Crawford Brown Mrs. Henderson
Jeanette Miller Mrs. Coleman
Michael Colyar Morris the Barber
Marlon Wayans Buster
Alexis Rhee Mrs. Ling Ling Wong
Khamani Griffin Norbit (Age 5)
Austin Reid Norbit (Age 9)
Lindsey Sims-Lewis Rasputia (Age 10)
China Anderson Kate (Age 5)
Kristen Schaal Event Organizer
Rob Huebel Excited Man on TV
Michael Vossler Bully #1
Travis Vossler Bully #2
Mason Knight Boy at Schoolyard
Jonathon Robinson Norbit (Age 17)
Yves Lola St. Vil Rasputia (Age 17)
Richard Gant Preacher
Susan Beaubian Shop Owner
John Gatins Attendant
Laura Ortiz Teen Attendant
Miles Robbins Kid at Water Park
Charles Q. Murphy Floyd the Dog (voice) (as Charlie Murphy)
Hayley Marie Norman Ex-Wife #1
Sara Sanderson Ex-Wife #2
Smith Cho Ex-Wife #3
Esther Friedman Beautician #1
Lonnie Henderson Beautician #2
Carmen Rojas Beautician #3
Marianne Muellerleile Helga
Frank Langley Puppeteer (as Frank Langley IV)
Donald Johnson Charlie
Greta Bommelje Kid
Jesse Mendel Little Girl in the Pool
Kayren Wallace Orphan Girl
Kendra McCulty Moonbounce Kid #1
Amanda Sawyer Moonbounce Kid #2
Cameron Ur Moonbounce Kid #3
Lisa Marie Fernandez Kissing Booth Girl
Taylor Kennedy Basketball Kid #1
Hakeem Washington Basketball Kid #2
Fumi Desalu Booty Shaker Girl
Sammy B. Willis Rib Shack Waitress #1
Shyann Shane Lee Rib Shack Waitress #2
Richard Corgiat Giovanni Staff #1
Marc De'Antone Giovanni Staff #2
Vince Micelli Giovanni Staff #3
Ollie Rasbury Female Vocalist
Donald Bell Male Vocalist
Ron Cole Wedding Guest
Eurydice Davis Wedding Guest
George Angelo Bar Patron #1
Anthony Vela Bar Patron #2
Sally Stevens Choir Member
Louis Price Choir Member
Carmen Twillie Choir Member
Oren Waters Choir Member
John West Choir Member
Terry Wood Choir Member
Craig Copeland Choir Member (as Craig L. Copeland)
Alex Brown Choir Member
Bob Joyce Choir Member
Teri Eiko Koide Choir Member (as Terri Koide)
Gerald White Choir Member
Clydine Jackson Choir Member (as Clydene Jackson)
Alvin Chea Choir Member
Josef Powell Choir Member
Neisha Folkes-LeMelle Dancer (as Neisha Folkes)
Tyrell Washington Dancer
Kristin Denehy Dancer
Reginald Jackson Dancer
Lucas Raynaud Dancer
Michael Isaac Blanks Deions Kid #6 (scenes deleted)
Kathryn Bostic Choir Member
Kipp Lennon Choir Member
Guy Maeda Choir Member
Flavia Nanko Deions Kid #1 (scenes deleted)
Sarah Nanko Deions Kid #3 (scenes deleted)
Darryl Phinnessee Choir Member
Haleigh Ward 5 year old Norbits Orphan playmate
Maxine Waters Willard Choir Member (as Maxine Waters)
Virgil Carter (uncredited)
Producer: John Davis,Eddie Murphy
Writer: Eddie Murphy,Charles Q. Murphy
First let me say ... I am an Eddie Murphy fan. I think he's a comic genius. And that's why I was so surprised to see him star in and even write such a low level and offensive comedy.

The first few minutes of the film started out with a little promise, but it didn't take long for the film to fall to such a low level that I cringed from early in until the movie was over. And even though I watched to nearly the end, I demanded my money back. It's only the second time I've ever done that, and I'm an avid film goer.

What was so offensive? I don't know where to begin. Most obviously, every "fat" gag in the book was used. Eddie Murphy plays an overweight woman who is ugly and evil, and every nasty thing you can think to say about her is said. To make it worse, the leading lady is Thandie Newton who is extremely thin, which only goes to further emphasize the other extreme.

Maybe Eddie Murphy thought he could get away with this because he shows, in The Nutty Professor, how an overweight man can "get the girl". But, really, that just shows the extreme double standard that remains when it comes to overweight men versus women.

Now, I'm a realist, and I know that the double standard is not Eddie Murphy's fault. Still, he plays on it here in such a nasty way that it offended me, an open minded, in-shape male. And for those who argue that it's the character's attitude and not her weight that made her "the bad guy", then why make her fat in the first place. And why have so many nasty fat jokes.

The movie was offensive on other levels too. The racial humor wasn't funny. There are some lines with attempts at humor that really go too far. Many of you who have seen it will understand what I mean. And those who haven't, I hope you don't support this film out of curiosity. Please, wait for cable. There is nothing in this that you can't wait to see.

I heard that it was Eddie Murphy's brother who came up with this idea. If EM did this as a favor to his brother, he could have done his brother, and himself a bigger favor by bringing Charlie in on a better project and tossing this script.

On the one positive note: Eddie Murphy does put his all into these characters as always. His job as Norbit gets lost in the low class, low level "comedy". Even though I just saw the film, I had to really remember that his performance as Norbit was decent. All I can think about is how offended I was, and how thoroughly depressed an overweight woman sitting at the end of my row looked throughout most of the film (she left before I did).

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Musician: David Newman
Running time: 103 min / Philippines
Subtitles: Svenska
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