"Malcolm in the Middle"

Lucky You (2007)
"Change your game. Change your life. "
A hotshot poker player tries to win a tournament in Vegas, but is fighting a losing battle with his personal problems.
Eric Bana Huck Cheever
Drew Barrymore Billie Offer
Horatio Sanz Ready Eddie
Joey Kern Billie’s Admirer
Debra Messing Suzanne Offer
Jean Smart Michelle Carson
Charles Martin Smith Roy Durucher
Robert Duvall L. C. Cheever
Delaine Yates Ginger
Phyllis Somerville Pawnbroker
Robert Downey Jr. Telephone Jack
Yetta Gottesman Larita
Saverio Guerra Lester
Danny Hoch Bobby Basketball
Kenny Cau Chinese Restaurant Waiter
Lindsay MacFarland Carrie
Bill May Frank Belando
Omar Benson Miller Sharkey
Jack Younger Room Service Waiter
Tracy Howe Roy’s Guy #1
Matt Savage Gil Edwards
Mykel Shannon Jenkins Gary
Sonny Surowiec Roy’s Guy #2
Madeleine Peyroux Lounge Singer
Kelvin Han Yee Chico Banh
Joseph A. Garcia Poker Player
Alexander Kuznetsov Alexander Lemke
Hans Howes Big Buckle Iverson
Bradford English Tommy the Poker Host
Maya Hazen Kelly
Daniel Doble Edwin Daniels
Ed Refuerzo Filipino Player
Elisabeth Granli Cocktail Waitress at First Table
Spencer Conner Cowboy
Sam Farha Himself
Chau Giang Himself
Barry Greenstein Himself
Jason Lester Himself
Ted Forrest Himself
Minh Ly Himself
John Murphy Himself
Erick Lindgren Himself
Daniel Negreanu Himself
Dara Khy Bellagio Dealer #1
Joe Witherell Bellagio Dealer #3
Sheila Hanson Bellagio Dealer #4
Darunee Doa Hale Bellagio Dealer #5
Lisa Glossop Bellagio Dealer #6
Danny Sanchez Bellagio Dealer #7
Sam O'Connor Old Man
Pat Callihan Man in Cowboy Hat
Tina Schafer Woman with Straight
Crystal Simanek Cocktail Waitress
Robby Bostick Poker Room Host
Olivia Tracey Isabel (L.C.’s Friend)
Jimmy Williams Dealer
Bill McKinney Satellite Cashier
Jennifer Harman Shannon Kincaid
Michael Shannon Ray Zumbro
Mark Tymchyshyn Tournament Official
Norris Watsky Elderly Dealer
Shawn Parr TV Commentator
Francine Beers Elderly Female Player
Laasa Howard Young Female Player
Richard Assad Karim Kasai
Evan Jones Jason Keyes
John Hennigan Ralph Kaczynski
David Oppenheim Josh Cohen
Jack Binion Himself
Doyle Brunson Himself
Jon C. Chan Himself (as Johnny Chan)
Hoyt Corkins Himself
Antonio Esfandiari Himself
Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson Himself
Dan Harrington Himself
Phil Hellmuth Jr. Himself
Karina Jett Herself
John Juanda Himself
Mike Matusow Himself
Eric Seidel Himself
Mimi Tran Herself
Marsha Waggoner Herself
Robert Williamson III Himself
Cyndy Violette Herself
Eddie Hill Washroom Attendant
Charlene Sperske Dealer
Kyle Morris Dealer (as Kyle D. Morris)
Ken Davitian Poker Player
Bob Pepper Poker Player
Brian Ruppert Poker Player #2
Curtis L. Walker WSOP Poker Player
Gina Fricchione Ralph Kaczynski's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Producer: Denise Di Novi,Carol Fenelon,Curtis Hanson
Writer: Eric Roth,Curtis Hanson
Poker -- I hardly know her!
(I just had to say that before anyone else!)

I don't know anything about poker, but I enjoyed this film all right.

The people in the audience who do understand the game were getting a lot more out of it than I did. They were oohing and ahhing and tensing up like they were at a real poker tournament.

I'm surprised Drew Barrymore took a supporting role like this. She's good and lovely as always (how come she still looks 20?), but doesn't get enough to do. Robert Downey Jr and Jean Smart are also woefully underused.

The film really belongs to Eric Bana and Robert Duvall. Eric is handsome and solid. And it's a real treat to watch an old pro like Duvall.

It's only a slight tale, but a pretty good one. I could tell from one of the first scenes how it was going to wind up. Hey, maybe I should take up poker.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.9
Musician: Christopher Young
Running time: 124 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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