"Malcolm in the Middle"

Osynlige, Den (2002)
A teenager is assaulted and killed, but returns as a ghost to find his killer.
Gustaf Skarsgård Niklas
Tuva Novotny Annelie
Li Brådhe Kerstin
Thomas Hedengran Thomas Larsson
David Hagman Peter
Pär Luttrop Marcus
Francisco Sobrado Attis
Joel Kinnaman Kalle
Jenny Ulving Sussie
Anna Hallström Marie
Catherine Hansson Jeanette Tullgren
Per Burell Per Tullgren (as Pär Burell)
Gabriel Eriksson Victor Tullgren
Norman Zulu Peter's father
Eivin Dahlgren Headmaster
Sara Lindh Teacher
Frederik Nilsson Doctor
Pontus Edmar Police technician
Pontus Hövelman Jonas
Robert Lindqvist Ludwig
Hampus Öström Boy in school class
Jasmine Banafshe Haydari Girl in school class
Robin Stegmar Ambulance driver
Maria Bergwall TV Reporter
Unni Jerndal TV News host
Jörgen Sandell Policeman #1
Simon Sandquist Pedestrian
Flemming Laybourn Teacher
Danny Liljeholm Wisborg Emergency Doctor
Kent Wallander Civilian Policeman in car
Amber Cooper Woman calling from England (voice)
Jonas Beijer Gun dealer 2
Anders Claesson Gun dealer 1
Michael Merikan Policeman #2
Christian Palmcrantz Gangmember of Marcus
Producer: Joakim Hansson
Writer: Mick Davis,Mats Wahl
Great film, instantly a favourite
Being from Australia, not much news of Swedish films reach our shores. I had no idea about this one or the book it is based upon. I simply caught it while flicking the channels one day. It looked interesting, so I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did.

I absolutely adored this film. From the outset I found the main actor, Gustaf Skarsgard, very intriguing. I was surprised to find out this was his first major film role, he handled it perfectly. Never over the top, never underwhelming, just right.

I didn't pick the twist up in this film right away. I'm usually quick with those sorts of things, but it just didn't strike me that there would be a twist at all until it actually occurred. The feeling you get when it dawns just drums up the excitement and tempo of the film, when you suddenly realise that yes, there is something at stake here.

I also loved the very unHollywood ending. This film turned all those cliches about - characters you were meant to hate were ones you ended up feeling the most for, and the 'friend' who you usually feel sympathy for ends up doing nothing but drawing out your anger. It's rare that the real villian of a piece (especially a female one) becomes a sort of hero towards the end, and it can be confusing. But for me it worked well, and added real dimension to what would have otherwise just been a good film, not a great one.

The combination of great acting, real emotion and the eventual twist (or two) it what makes this movie so brilliant for me, and an instant favourite. Highly recommended.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.6
Musician: Andreas Alfredsson
Running time: 95 min
Audio tracks: Stereo [Swedish]
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