"Malcolm in the Middle"

Live Free or Die (2006)
"The criminal mind is a terrible thing to waste "
Lackluster criminals look to pull a job in the Granite State.
Aaron Stanford John "Rugged" Rudgate
Paul Schneider Lagrand
Michael Rapaport Putney
Kevin Dunn Monson
Zooey Deschanel Cheryl
Ebon Moss-Bachrach Gazaniga
Judah Friedlander Hesh
Peter Anthony Tambakis Marcus
R.E. Rodgers Oldfield
Kim Director Donna
Carlo Alban Todd Thomas
Steve Abbott Steve
Eliska Amor Doran Elise
Daniel Carey O'Shea
George Feaster Omar
Tavia Lin Gilbert Rugged's Woman
Adam LaFramboise Ted
Lynne McCollough Waitress
Clark Middleton Larry
Frank Pando Trucker
Tracy M. Smith Sharon
Susan Willis Mrs. Blodgett
Donald Foley Oldfield's Buddy (uncredited)
Producer: Doug Bernheim,Daniel Carey,John Limotte
Writer: Gregg Kavet,Andy Robin
a novel setting and a sweet tone make for a fun offbeat comedy
Scenic New Hampshire serves as the novel setting for "Live Free or Die" (not to be confused with the later Bruce Willis film, "Live Free or Die HARD"), an entertaining indie comedy that takes its title from the state's time-honored motto of in-your-face defiance.

John Rudgate - who goes by the nickname "Rugged" - is an inept wannabe tough guy who fancies himself a notorious outlaw. He spends most of his days riding around in a dilapidated van trying to convince others - as well as himself - that he is, indeed, the most feared lawbreaker in the county. In reality, the "stolen" merchandise he is moving is actually his own stuff, and the gun he keeps in a drawer in the kitchen is nothing more than a water pistol. The folks in town shrug him off as little more than an irritating pest with delusions of criminal grandeur. Like any villain worth his salt, Rudgate needs to find himself a sycophantic henchman who will do a substantial amount of his dirty work for him. He alights on Lagrand, a simpleminded, but sweet-natured acquaintance who co-owns a storage facility with his sister, a clear-eyed pragmatist who, unlike her brother, knows a BS-ing con artist when she sees one.

Although the movie can't entirely shake free of the "oddball quirkiness" factor that seems to afflict so much of regional film-making these days, movie makers Gregg Kavet and Andy Robin evince a genuine affection for their characters and a sly way with storytelling that go a long way towards mitigating that weakness. They are aided immeasurably by wonderfully self-effacing performances by Paul Schneider, Michael Rapaport, Zooey Deschanel, and, above all, Aaron Stanford, who, as Rudgate, turns a potentially one-note caricature into an endearingly original and surprisingly memorable comic figure. And, besides, the colorful New England setting is alone worth the price of a rental.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.5
Musician: Dorian Heartsong
Running time: 92 min (European Film Market) / USA
Subtitles: Svenska
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