"Malcolm in the Middle"

Life (1999)
"Share it with someone you love."
The story of two criminals (Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence) who discover the value of life after being sentenced to life imprisonment.
Eddie Murphy Rayford Gibson
Martin Lawrence Claude Banks
Obba Babatundé Willie Long
Nick Cassavetes Sergeant Dillard
Anthony Anderson Cookie
Barry Shabaka Henley Pokerface
Brent Jennings Hoppin' Bob
Bernie Mac Jangle Leg
Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Biscuit
Michael Taliferro Goldmouth (as Michael 'Bear' Taliferro)
Guy Torry Radio
Bokeem Woodbine Can't Get Right
Ned Beatty Dexter Wilkins
Lisa Nicole Carson Sylvia
O'Neal Compton Superintendant Abernathy
Noah Emmerich Stan Blocker
Rick James Spanky Johnson
Clarence Williams III Winston Hancock
Heavy D Jake
Bonz Malone Leon
Ned Vaughn Young Sheriff Pike
R. Lee Ermey Older Sheriff Pike
Sanaa Lathan Daisy
Allyson Call Young Mae Rose Abernathy
Poppy Montgomery Older Mae Rose Abernathy
James D. Brubaker Judge E.M. Byrne
Walter K. Jordan Slim (as Walter Jordan)
Brooks Almy Billy's Mama
Hal Havins Billy
Hildy Brooks Nurse Doherty
Kenn Whitaker Isaac
Ernie Lee Banks Bathroom Attendant
David Alexander Doctor
Johnny Brown Blind Reverend Clay
Armelia McQueen Mrs. Clay
Nate Evans Juke Bartender
Todd Everett Deputy at Mansion
Don Harvey Billy Bob
Venus DeMilo Juke Joint Waitress (as Venus De Milo Thomas)
Zaid Farid Shady Cardplayer
Keith Burke Shady Cardplayer
Kenneth White Deputy
Leonard O. Turner Superintendant Burke
Augie Blunt Man in Prison
Kwantae Love Trustee at Line (as Quantae Love)
Sean Lampkin Trustee at Line
James Emory Jr. Goldmouth's Son
Bill Gratton Fire Inspector
Reamy Hall Mrs. Dillard
George Hartmann Prison Guard
Zack Helvey Captain Tom Burnette
Haskell V. Anderson III Junkie (as Haskell Vaughn Anderson III)
Kimble Jemison Gang Banger
Jordan Mahome Gang Banger
William B. Taylor Bagman (as William Taylor)
Jay Arlen Jones Bagman
Oscar Jordan Juke Joint Guitarist
Jordan Lund Funeral Chaplain
Ronald Moss Bouncer (as Ronald Lee Moss)
Betty Murphy Mrs. Abernathy
Walter Powell Waiter (as Walter Powell Jr.)
Christophe Prévost Pilot (as Chris Prevost)
Dawn Robinson Club Crooner
Leon Sanders Barkeeper
Steve Boyles Mule Cart Driver
Shayne Benton Farm Boy (uncredited)
Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston Henchman #2 (uncredited)
Bridget Morrow Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)
Producer: Brian Grazer,Eddie Murphy
Writer: Robert Ramsey,Matthew Stone

I cannot even begin to count how many `comedies' I have sat through that try to reach for the `timeless' formula by interjecting some lame dramatics to engage the audience even more than the comedy ever could. It's a practice as old as time in Hollywood. Most of these movies fail miserably.

You leave the theater thinking `It was funny enough, why couldn't it just stay silly?' My friends, I'm with you on every page. It's a slippery slope to juggle the two genres.

`Life' is the millionth attempt at warm-hearted comedy. It tries to make you pee your pants with its jokes, and yet slap your emotions around with the drama. And damn the odds, it fits like a glove. `Life' is also a film that defies much criticism. You either love stars Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, or you don't. I'm in the first category. As the main characters, the two comedians prove just how valuable they are. Murphy is coming off a uniquely horrific year. `Dr. Dolittle' was a smash, but a career setback to say the least. `Holy Man' was an unmitigated disaster, but one that didn't effect Murphy with any real damage. The greatest gift `Life' gives to Murphy is a chance to show off range. Murphy is a very talented actor, and this movie makes you wish he would try a straight drama for once. Murphy can be devastatingly funny. But he can also be very dramatically convincing. With each new movie, Murphy grows as an actor. I really think he's set for brighter things. Martin Lawrence shares many of the same attributes as Murphy. He's terribly funny, and yet able to win your heart with a depth most comedians don't have. `Life' has Lawrence with the quieter role. He uses that chance to provide the film with a backbone. He eventually comes out the best rounded character in the fractured storytelling. It's a good performance, but even better, it's a brilliant pairing with Eddie Murphy. The two are seamlessly funny. Squeezing every moment for comic and emotional juice. It's refreshing to watch a movie with two actors who seem to be trying something different, all the while living up to previous expectations. Ted Demme is a solid director, a thought that immediately puts me in the minority. His `Who's The Man?' was a strictly silly romp, but was actually funny. `The Ref' was the critically lauded and sharp black comedy. `Beautiful Girls' is a film that every time I sit down to watch, feels as comfortable as an old cardigan. He's yet to falter in my eyes. I like his attention to detail, and his gift for trusting his actors. `Life' wouldn't work as well as it does without a specific amount of direction and free will. Demme manages to keep the film on track without ever succumbing to an over-reliance on improv. The best scenes in `Life' are the quiet ones: the gay inmate who's release from prison provides a dilemma, the passage of time montage, and Lawrence's moment with the freshly baked pies(which is actually comical, but who's counting?). The film seems like it was longer at one point, but the film on display here really pleased me. I would recommend this film to anybody that has lost faith in Eddie Murphy.------------- 9

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Musician: Wyclef Jean
Running time: 108 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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