"Malcolm in the Middle"

Georgia Rule (2007)
"In this family, attitude doesn't skip a generation. "
Jane Fonda Georgia
Lindsay Lohan Rachel Wilcox
Felicity Huffman Lilly
Dermot Mulroney Dr. Simon Ward
Cary Elwes Arnold
Garrett Hedlund Harlan
Hector Elizondo Izzy
Dylan McLaughlin Sam
Zachary Gordon Ethan
Laurie Metcalf Paula
Tereza Stanislav Violin Teacher
Fred Applegate Townie #1
Cynthia Ferrer Townie #2
Destiny Moore Waitress (as Destiney Moore)
Adreana Betan Izzy's Niece
Timothy Henning Liquor Store Owner
Stephanie Caswell Coffee Shop Waitress
Rance Howard Dog Bite Man
Hope Alexander-Willis Fern (as Hope Alexander)
Shea Curry Pig Owner Melody
Paul Williams Mr. Wells
Beth Kennedy Fat Dog Owner
Sarah Lilly Pregnant Cat Woman
Scott Marshall Man Kissing Dog
Zettie M. Ronistal Violet Seymoure
Cat Stock Girl with Rabbit
Sandra DeNise Baby's Mama
Julianne Rose Hall Ear Biting Baby
Christine Lakin Grace Cunningham
Chelse Swain June Smith (as Chelsea Swain)
Mandy Medlin Mormon Mandy
Lauren McLaughlin Mormon Mandy
Michelle Matthews Mormon Michelle
Katherine Helms Drummer Girl
Anna A. White Choir Leader (as Anna White)
Jennifer De Minco Choir Student #1 (as Jennifer Deminco)
Maggie Henry Choir Student #2
Nathan Moore Choir Student #3
Pat Williams Choir Student #4
Adrian Lee Borden Choir Student #5
Steve Shane Choir Student #6
Barbara Marshall Store Owner
Krista Goodsitt Juggler (as Krista Goodsit)
Cassie Rowell Potato Queen
Lily Marshall-Fricker Lily
Charlotte Marshall-Fricker Charlotte
Shane Partlow Cowboy
Sam Marshall Boy Kicker
Ethan Marshall Boy with Popsicle
Thomas Henry Accordion Player
Producer: David C. Robinson,James G. Robinson
Writer: Mark Andrus
It wasn't what I thought it was going to be...
I won't lie--this was not the best movie I've ever seen, but it was pretty darn good. I didn't really expect much from Lohan but she actually blew me away. My one gripe about Lohan was her age portrayal. It was hard to believe she was seventeen with a smoker's rasp and second-skin jeans. Fonda on the other hand... not her best work, she was completely generic. Huffman's performance was humorous, although a little dark. Her alcoholism is pretty believable except the antibuse thing. The movie was amusing and the unexpected plot twist kept me stringing along for the duration of the movie trying to figure it all out, but not in a frustrating way. Overall I think this movie was far better than expected and totally enjoyable.

Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.6
Musician: John Debney
Running time: 113 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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