"Malcolm in the Middle"

Brutal (2007)
Jeffrey Combs Sheriff Jimmy Fleck
Sarah Thompson Zoe Adams
Michael Berryman Leroy Calhoun
Eric Lange Evan
William Sanford Rick
Don O. Knowlton Doc McCall
Kevin Indio Copeland Barkley
India Dupré Taffy Reynolds
Crystal Stone Jamie
Whitney Anderson Vicki
Cyrus Alexander Chaz
Lisa Pescia Waitress
Jane Le Rona
Kristin Kirgan Becky
Jimmy Stathis Barfly #1
Producer: Roel Reiné,Ethan Wiley
Writer: Ethan Wiley
Leave your brain else were....
I cant say that this movie is "good". its not. But i have a good moment watching it, its fast paced and a good no-brainier horror thriller. So it deserves a 6/10. The concept of suspension of disbelief its taking to a new level here, almost everything the characters made is ridiculous. The acting is not bad, the lead chick is hot, not in a bimbo kind of way, more in a "i want to marry her" way... and you have Berryman and Jeffrey Combs for the same price. This would be much better with more blood, gore and nudity, its too "PG 13" for a DTDVD flick, this could be a minor classic if done by ittembach or Timo Rose, but its not that bad for a Saturday afternoon.. Ultra-tippergore ranking 6/10 (generous)

Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 2.6
Musician: Joseph Bauer
Running time: 91 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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