"Malcolm in the Middle"

American Gangster (2007)
In 1970s America, a detective works to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas, a heroin kingpin from Manhattan, who is smuggling the drug into the country from the Far East.
Denzel Washington Frank Lucas
Russell Crowe Det. Richie Roberts
Chiwetel Ejiofor Huey Lucas
Josh Brolin Detective Trupo
Lymari Nadal Eva
Ted Levine Det. Lou Toback
Roger Guenveur Smith Nate
John Hawkes Det. Freddie Spearman
RZA Moses Jones
Yul Vazquez Alphonse Abruzzo
Malcolm Goodwin Jimmy Zee
Ruby Dee Mama Lucas
Ruben Santiago-Hudson Doc
Carla Gugino Laurie Roberts
Skyler Fortgang Michael Roberts
John Ortiz Javier J. Rivera
Cuba Gooding Jr. Nicky Barnes
Armand Assante Dominic Cattano
Kathleen Garrett Mrs. Dominic Cattano
Joe Morton Charlie Williams
Ritchie Coster Joey Sadano
Bari K. Willerford Joe Louis
Idris Elba Tango
Common Turner Lucas
Warner Miller Melvin Lucas
Albert Jones Terrence Lucas
J. Kyle Manzay Dexter Lucas
T.I. Stevie Lucas
Melissia Hill Redtop
Quisha Saunders Darlynn
Kevin Corrigan Campizi
Robert Funaro McCann
Jon Polito Rossi
Tom O'Rourke Banker
Robert C. Kirk Police Captain
Tom Stearns 2-Star General
KaDee Strickland Sheilah - Richie's Attorney
Jon DeVries Judge James Racine
Jim R. Coleman Bailiff
Lee Shepard Laurie's Attorney
Gavin Grazer Mike Sobota
Linda Powell Social Worker
Roxanne Amandez Paramedic
Norman Reedus Detective Norman Reilly
Pierra Francesca Stewardess
Eddie Rouse Detective at Party
Maryann Urbano Real Estate Broker
Cedric Sanders Serviceman in Cafe #1
Jason Veasey Serviceman in Cafe #2
Roosevelt Davis Army Captain
Roger Bart U.S. Attorney
Eric Silver White Kid
Mitchell Green Tango's Bodyguard
Saycon Sengbloh Tango's Woman
Conor Romero Tough Teenager #1
Daniel Hilt Tough Teenager #2
Daniel Farcher Tough Teenager #3
David Spearman Civilian Cleaning Staff #1
Maurice Ballard Civilian Cleaning Staff #2
Paul Doherty TV Newscaster
William C. Tate Baptist Minister
George Lee Miles Frank's Lawyer
Jason Furlani Bailiff
Chris McKinney Reporter on TV
Ric Young Chinese General
David Wayne Britton Army Colonel
Tommy Guiffre Medical Examiner
Laurence Lowry Paramedic
Dan Moran Army Captain
Marjorie Johnson Charlene
Larry Mitchell FBI Agent
Chuck Cooper Private Doctor
Kevin Geer Law School Professor
Chance Kelly MP
Hamilton Clancy Seller
Sam Freed Judge
Joey Klein Chemist
Scott Dillin 4th Amigo
Anthony Hamilton Funk Band Singer
Sarah Hudnut Assistant Prosecutor
Jeff Greene Metal Door Worker
Tyson Hall Drug Dealer #1
Kirt Harding Drug Dealer #2
Bryant Pearson Drug Dealer #3
Al Santos Mechanic (as Alfredo Luis Santos)
William Hudson Dealer #1
Christopher A. Sawyer Dealer #2
Dylan Gallagher Casket Loader
Jehan-Pierre Vassau Narc Officer #1
Dawn Douglas Narc Officer #2 (as Dawn A. Douglas)
Robbie Neigeborn Cop in Narc Headquarters
Clinton Lowe Man Arrested in Elevator
Wilhelm Lewis Head Wedding Photographer
James Hunter Deacon #1
Neville White Deacon #2
Lonnie Gaetano Prison Guard
Jeff Mantel Officer Walsh
Serena Joan Springle The Proctor
Ron Piretti Judge
Nino Del Buono Announcer
Arthur Mercante Referee (as Arthur M. Mercante)
Panama Redd Policeman
Robert Wiggins Piano Player
Fab 5 Freddy Smalls Patron
Jonah Denizard Store Manager
Steve McAuliff Mounted Policeman
Joseph Ferrante Gangster at Funeral (uncredited)
Mark A. Keeton Rock Star - Ali / Frazier Match (uncredited)
Jerrod Paige Muhammad Ali (uncredited)
Philippe Vonlanthen Skeet Shoot Handler
Clarence Williams III Bumps
Producer: Brian Grazer,Ridley Scott
Writer: Steven Zaillian,Mark Jacobson
Detractors of this film were fooled by the trailer.
American Gangster has been really hated upon in many of the former posts I have read. Yet it seems like they are all saying the same thing, that Gangster didn't have enough action and was really drawn out. Anyone who has every seen a Ridley Scott film will know that his films are long! Blade Runner, A Good Year, Matchstick Men, Hannibal, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, G.I. Jane, Thelma and Louis, and Alien all ran for at least two hours or more, so big surprise there guys. In addition Scott didn't set out to film another scarface, he set out to tell a story not just about Frank Lucas but rather a tale of corruption and how pervasive it is. One user commented that this film had many side story lines that "bloated" the story. This is completely untrue as every "side story" is actually the overarching story about the fight against corruption in every facet of life, even Frank Lucas attempts several times to eradicate the corruption in his organization.

Over all this is a great film which really gets into every nook and cranny of an issue. Don't see this film if your just looking for cheap thrills, this is a thinking film about the pervasive dishonesty of our culture.

I gave this film 8 stars because i could find nothing solid that detracted from it, but rather a slew of minor details which gradually brought its score down. But I will put this film in my top films for the year, if only because I have been immensely unsatisfied with the bulk of releases this year.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 8.2
Musician: Marc Streitenfeld
Running time: 157 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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