"Malcolm in the Middle"

Mulholland Dr. (2001)
"A Love Story In The City Of Dreams "
After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesic, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality.
Naomi Watts Betty Elms
Laura Harring Rita
Ann Miller Catherine 'Coco' Lenoix
Dan Hedaya Vincenzo Castigliane
Justin Theroux Adam Kesher
Brent Briscoe Detective Neal Domgaard
Robert Forster Detective Harry McKnight
Katharine Towne Cynthia Jenzen
Lee Grant Louise Bonner
Scott Coffey Wilkins
Billy Ray Cyrus Gene
Chad Everett Jimmy Katz
Rita Taggart Linney James
James Karen Wally Brown
Lori Heuring Lorraine Kesher
Angelo Badalamenti Luigi Castigliani
Michael Des Barres Billy Deznutz
Marcus Graham Vincent Darby
Missy Crider Waitress at Winkies (Diane / Betty) (as Melissa Crider)
Robert Katims Ray Hott
Jeanne Bates Irene
Dan Birnbaum Irene's Companion at Airport
Randall Wulff Limo Driver (as Scott Wulff)
Maya Bond Ruth Elms
Patrick Fischler Dan
Michael Cooke Herb
Bonnie Aarons Bum
Michael J. Anderson Mr. Roque
Joseph Kearney Roque's Manservant
Enrique Buelna Back of Head Man
Richard Mead Hairy-Armed Man
Sean Everett Cab Driver at LAX
Daniel Rey Valet Attendant
David Schroeder Robert Smith
Tom Morris Espresso Man
Melissa George Camilla Rhodes
Matt Gallini Castigliane Limo Driver
Mark Pellegrino Joe Messing
Vincent Castellanos Ed
Diane Nelson Heavy-Set Woman killed By Messing
Charles Croughwell Vacuum Man killed By Messing
Rena Riffel Laney
Tad Horino Taka
Tony Longo Kenny
Geno Silva Cookie Park Hotel Manager
Monty Montgomery Cowboy
Kate Forster Martha Johnson
Wayne Grace Bob Brooker
Michele Hicks Nicki Pelazza
Lisa K. Ferguson Julie Chadwick (as Lisa Ferguson)
William Ostrander 2nd Assistant Director
Elizabeth Lackey Carol
Brian Beacock Backup Singer #1
Blake Lindsley Backup Singer #2
Adrien Curry Backup Singer #3
Tyrah M. Lindsey Backup Singer #4
Michael D. Weatherred Hank (as Michael Weatherred)
Michael Fairman Jason
Johanna Stein Woman in #12
Richard Green Bondar
Conte Candoli Club Silencio Trumpet Player (as Conti Condoli)
Cori Glazer Blue-Haired Lady in balcony seat at Club Silencio
Rebekah Del Rio Herself
Lyssie Powell Blond in Bed (Corpse) in #17
Kimberly Clever Dancer
Joshua Collazo Dancer
David Frutos Dancer
Peter Loggins Dancer
Theresa Salazar Dancer
Thea Samuels Dancer
Christian Thompson Dancer
Jehshua Barnes Young actor (uncredited)
Desi Singh First Cab Driver (uncredited)
Producer: Neal Edelstein,Tony Krantz,Michael Polaire,Alain Sarde,Mary Sweeney
Writer: David Lynch
Where does it begin and end??
Hitchcock would be proud of this movie. Even when nothing happens, it is suspenseful. Director David Lynch overuses a few cheap thrill tricks here and there, but he intersperses them with other cinematographic techniques to keep it from becoming obtuse.

Altogether surreal, this movie is like waking up and remembering most of a dream but not enough to make it sensible. I am still trying to figure it all out and will probably have to see it again to catch things I missed and which may help me understand it better. It is a very detailed plot that very slowly comes together, so you must be patient and pay attention. Get your bathroom trip out of the way before it starts. And yet, the plot is overshadowed by the theme, the mood, the character development, and the filming techniques.

The dual roles of the main actress, Naomi Watts, showcase her enormous talent. That is, when I could get my eyes off of her co-star. What an acting pair.

Lynch surprises throughout the movie with unusual camera angles, the length/timing of editing cuts, jumping back and forth between scenes. Combined with smart use of music and sounds, it all helps to build suspense in our minds, doubtless a major objective of the director. Well, he kept me on the edge of my seat, even had me talking to the actors to be careful here, and not be so naive there. You know, the kind of stuff you want to smack your kids for doing at the movies.

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Imdb rating: 8.0
Musician: Angelo Badalamenti
Running time: 145 min
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