Öga rött, Ett

Spymate (2006)
Chris Potter Mike Muggins
Richard Kind Dr. Robert Farley
Emma Roberts Amelia Huggins
Michael Bailey Smith Hugo Dulkin
Musetta Vander Dr. Claudette Amour
Debra Jo Rupp Edith
Pat Morita Kiro
Troy Yorke Lightning
Kathryn Kirkpatrick Betty
Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge Fly
Taras Kostyuk Melmar
Benjamin B. Smith Little boy in airplane
Brittney Wilson Jules
Mark Acheson Arab Terrorist
Barry Bostwick
Chris Burns Guard #1
Elle Fitzapak Amelia's Friend
Patrick Keating Dean of Science
Kevan Ohtsji Mountain guard #1
Lola Sanchez Amelia's Friend
Malcolm Scott Ernest
Peter Shinkoda Mountain Guard
Producer: Anna McRoberts,Robert Vince
Writer: Anna McRoberts,Anne Vince
One of the most thought provoking films of our generation
Earlier today, I had the pleasure of sitting down and watching this fine work of cinematic beauty. Robert Vince is truly one of the most brilliant writers, producers, and directors that Satan has ever put on this earth. The interaction between the chimpanzee and his human sidekick were truly a joy to behold. The love scene was the only point in the film that did not seem perfectly choreographed. It seemed a little out of place and it was clear that the director had substituted the monkey for a human double. Quite disappointing. Notwithstanding this single indiscretion, however, the film was everything I could ask for in a film and more. I recommend this highly to anyone who is in need of entertainment, except potentially those with suicidal tendencies.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 3.1
Musician: Brahm Wenger
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