Öga rött, Ett

Daddy's Little Girls (2007)
USA / English
"give life. teach love. "
Cassi Davis Rita
Gary Anthony Sturgis Joseph (as Gary Sturgis)
China Anne McClain China James
Terri J. Vaughn Brenda
Malinda Williams Maya
Tracee Ellis Ross Cynthia
Tasha Smith Jennifer
Louis Gossett Jr. Willie
Idris Elba Monty
Gabrielle Union Julia
Lauryn Alisa McClain Lauryn James
Sierra Aylina McClain Sierra
Juanita Jennings Katheryn
Maria Howell Wife
Rochelle Dewberry Miss Rochelle
L. Warren Young Councilman
Steve Coulter Doorman
Sharyn Shields Civil Lawyer
Leland L. Jones District Attorney
Craig Robinson Byron
Danny Kim Waiter (as Daniel Kim)
Minnie Tee Nurse
Donna Biscoe Social Worker
Eddie L. Long Pastor (as Bishop Eddie L. Long)
Bennet Guillory Principal
Mark Oliver Jennifer's Lawyer
Hajji Golightly Member
LaVan Davis Lester
Chantell D. Christopher Club Lady #2
Sasha the Diva Club Lady #3
Arron Momon Young Monty
Joey Nappo Player #1
Greyson Chadwick Amanda
Jasmine Burke Girl
Ric Reitz Dad
Giulia Pagano Criminal Judge
Bob Banks Mr. Jones
Sharron Cain Civil Court Bailiff
Dan Albright Judge #3
Sharan Mansfield Mrs. Mansfield
Gabriel McClain Boy
Demetria McKinney Club Lady #1 (as Demetria "Dee Dee" McKinney)
Javon Johnson Brenda's Husband
Richmond Duain Martyn Gang Member
Marshall Middletown Young Man
E. Roger Mitchell Joe's Criminal Lawyer
Judy Peterson Choir Soloist
Gordon Daniels Probation Officer
John Beasley 125 Family Court Judge
George Bryant II Judge #3
Monica Kaufman Announcer
Joan Pringle Civil Court Judge
Vic Aviles Restaurant Patron
Robert Hatch Restaurant Patron
Mark D. Headen Cafe Patron
June Letourneau Attorney
Jason Lombard /td>
Arvell Poe Player #2
Shawn Reynolds Waiter
Brian J. White Christopher
Chandler Darby Partygoer exiting house - flash back scene (uncredited)
Steve Warren Lawyer (uncredited)
Director: Tyler Perry
Producer: Reuben Cannon,Tyler Perry
Writer: Tyler Perry
Half Decent Film Why No British Release???
I saw this film recently at the Black Film Maker International Film Festival here in London.

Not at all like Perry's previous films which have both been premiered at the festival in the last few years. Instead of broad Christian Cross-Dressing Gun Totting Comedy, what we have here is a gentle romantic drama with a smattering of jokes here and there.

At got to say it wasn't to bad though I have to admit I preferred the Meadea films. The performances were OK especially the leading actors Union & Elba. The story is a bit hackneyed but I guess that's the cynic in me. You kind of knew exactly how the film was going to end from the open credits. The audience I saw it with loved it.

That got me thinking why can't you see Perry's work in the UK other than at the BFM Film Festival. Why not release the films on DVD, any visit to Dalston/Brixton/Harlesden in London will tell you that's there's a great illicit trade in Perry's films.

Anyway, if you like a undemanding and somewhat unoriginal romantic drama this is just the thing for you.

Black Narcissus

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 3.3
Musician: Brian McKnight
Running time: 95 min
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