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Reno 911!: Miami (2007)
A rag-tag team of Reno cops are called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break. Based on the Comedy Central series.
Carlos Alazraqui Deputy James Garcia
Mary Birdsong Deputy Cherisha Kimball
Ben Garant Deputy Travis Junior (as Robert Ben Garant)
Kerri Kenney Deputy Trudy Wiegel (as Kerry Kenney-Silver)
Thomas Lennon Lieutenant Jim Dangle
Wendi McLendon-Covey Deputy Clementine Johnson
Niecy Nash Deputy Raineesha Williams
Cedric Yarbrough Deputy S. Jones
Lennie Loftin Chief of Police
Danny DeVito District Attorney
Alejandra Gutierrez Miss Acapulco
Marisa Petroro Drug Lord's Girlfriend
Michael H. Clark Bus Driver
Brandon Molale Kevlar Guy
Kathryn Fiore Cheyenne the Helicopter Model
Producer: Danny DeVito,Ben Garant,John Landgraf,Michael Shamberg,Stacey Sher
Writer: Ben Garant,Thomas Lennon
A Fun Romp, Pointless, Yet Delivers The Chuckles
I hear all these people saying that this flick is a disappointment. That it should have stayed on TV. They complain about the lack of plot. What this movie constitutes is basically a bunch of scenes that appear to have been mostly ad-libbed, stuck together with a very, very loose plot involving a disease which is really just an excuse for them to be where they are. I found the extreme lack of a story amusing, especially in a few scenes where its obvious how aware they all were of it, and they were able to make fun of it. The R rating allows for some great gags that wouldn't have been able to show on TV. Overall this flick isn't an amazing comedy. It isn't thought provoking or anything else to that extent. It's a bunch of good jokes strung together and pasted up on a screen. If you like the show, don't expect it to be much more then an extended episode of the show, with some more boundary pushing gags and celebrity cameos.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 6.1
Musician: Craig Wedren
Running time: 84 min
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