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Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)
USA / English
"They'll Give Anyone A Badge. "
A slovenly cable repairman becomes a big-city health inspector and is tasked with uncovering the source of a food poisoning epidemic.
Rahman Khan Indian Restaurant Manager (as Rahman Kahn)
Joanna Cassidy Lily Micelli
Brooke Dillman Brenda
Eric Esteban Sushi Chef Sakamoto
Iris Bahr Amy Butlin
Thomas F. Wilson Bart Tatlock (as Tom Wilson)
Tony Hale Jack Dabbs
Phyllis Alexion Old Woman in Diner
Michael Papajohn Diner Manager
David Koechner Donnie
Larry The Cable Guy Larry
Megyn Price Jane Whitley
Arian Waring Ash Lingerie Store Manager (as Arian Ash)
Bruce Bruce Big Shug
Tom Hillmann Tad
Kristen Wharton Debbie Goldstein
Jake Slichter Les Deux Maitre D'
Joe Pantoliano Mayor M.T. Gunn
Lisa Midden Mayor's Aide
Tony Morales Health Inspector
John Fiore Chef Carmine
Chris Perrons Micelli Maitre D'
Lisa Lampanelli Jane's Mom
Tim Goodwin 'Bottle' Manager
Simon Needham English Chef
Patrick Mickler Well Fed Diner
David McCharen Fatted Calf Maitre D'
Randy Molnar Chef Leon
Kid Rock Himself
Nancy Barber TV Reporter
Robert Scott Impound Staffer
Lance Smith Drysdale
Jennifer Peña Micelli Staffer
Angela Freeman Walker Big Mama
Peter Curley Food Critic Ted Bailey
Jerry Mathers Himself
Roger Marks Schmoolie
George Cooper Kid in Mall
Carlyn Cardiel Cookoff Spectator
Craig Chamberlin Restaraunt Patron
Kathleen Changho Sung Yoo
Stephanie Christie Cook Off Spectator
Geoffrey James Clark Clumsy Waiter
Scott duPont Audience member
Christopher Niess Waiter
David W. Scott Cook Off Spectator
Art Smith Jr. Audience Member
R.J. Stallman Dinner Guest
Bill Zientek Restaurant Patron
Jonathan Bergquist Camera Operator (uncredited)
Ralph Cahill French Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Jill Gable Cooking Off Spectator (uncredited)
Khris Gibston City Employee (uncredited)
Bettye Keefer Sushi restaurant patron (uncredited)
John Archer Lundgren Upscale diner (uncredited)
Ken McCoy Appalled Diner (uncredited)
Walter Medina Drunk mechanic (uncredited)
Michael Munro Sushi restaurant patron (uncredited)
Bruce Perkins Mall Patron (uncredited)
Juliet Reeves Office Patron (uncredited)
Randy Robinson Cooking show audience (uncredited)
Zac Turney Rich Restaraunt Patron (uncredited)
Nelitza Vallellanes Restaurant patron (uncredited)
Director: Trent Cooper
Producer: Alan C. Blomquist,J.P. Williams
Writer: Jonathan Bernstein,James Greer
My honest opinion
I walked into the theater hoping I would get some good laughs. I went with my friend who worships Larry's humor. I left the theater disappointed. This movie is filled with the same joke over and over again. Basically overdone toilet humor. I have nothing against the humor, it's just the same jokes repeated over and over again. Nothing new or inventive here. Larry's humor was not creative. Just diarrhea jokes over and over throughout the whole entire movie! And that was the whole running gimmick! It became rather boring. This is a simple film which had the potential to be funny but destroyed it with horrible acting and boring humor.

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Imdb rating: 2.7
Musician: Adam Accetta
Running time: 89 min
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