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Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (2005)
USA / English
"Bad girls just want to have fun. "
Two young women will stop at nothing for one to gain a $4 million inheritance of two priceless diamonds, while two detectives try to tho wart their plans, but find complications abound.
Sarah Laine Marie Clifton
Sandra McCoy Elena Sandoval
Linden Ashby Detective Michael Morrison
Ron Melendez Dr. Chad Johnson
Claire Coffee Jenny Bellamy
Michael Mantell Theo Bloom
Dina Meyer Kirsten Richards
Brad Johnson Jay Clifton
Van Epperson Principal Phillips
Nikki Griffin Risa
Elena Maria Garcia Maid
Michael Horvath Embarassed Boy
Kenneth Cameron Young Man at Party
Claudio Sad Mr. Barajas
Eric Fleeks Detective Gomez
Director: Jay Lowi
Producer: Marc Bienstock
Writer: Stephen Peters,Andy Hurst
Hot Hot Hot
The plot of this updated Wild Things is weak and the acting isn't much better, but Sarah Laine just might have best body ever seen naked on screen outside of the porn industry. And the extras lying around the pool, diving at the competition, and turning up dead are absolutely gorgeous. Sandra McCoy isn't too bad either. It's a shame that she hired a body double. This one I might have to buy. When the movie ends you might find yourself wondering who and how they all got where they end up, but don't try too hard. You might hurt your pretty head. A physicist couldn't figure it out. So I like to watch two beautiful girls kissing and fondling each other. So I like to watch beautiful girls get even with nasty older guys. So I like beautiful girls. So sue me.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 4.3
Musician: Steven M. Stern
Running time: 87 min
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