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A Girl Thing (2001)
USA / English
"Sex, love, relationships, family... It's enough to drive you crazy. "
A Girl Thing is a mini-series that revolves around a New York city street, a coffee house and a shrinks office...
Kate Capshaw Casey Montgomery
Stockard Channing Dr. Beth Noonan
Rebecca De Mornay Kim McCormack
Mia Farrow Betty McCarthy
Elizabeth Franz Josephine McCormack
Irma P. Hall Alice (Housekeeper)
Linda Hamilton Rachel Logan
Glenne Headly Helen McCormack
Allison Janney Kathy McCormack
Tina Lifford Sharon
Elle Macpherson Lauren Travis
Camryn Manheim Suzanne Nabor
Margo Martindale May
S. Epatha Merkerson Lani (Co-worker)
Kelly Rowan Claire
Director: Lee Rose
Producer: Robert Halmi Jr.,Lee Rose
Writer: Lee Rose
Bad writing, editing, sound, and hair
Don't watch this film without the volume control in your hand. The director let the actors whisper exactly half their lines, and the sound technicians did nothing about it. VERY IRRITATING. The bad writing and cliches were delivered surprisingly well most of the time, but you could see that the actors were uncomfortable with a lot of the dialogue. Some scenes were cut to fit the songs rather than having the songs fit the scenes. McPherson's hair wisps came and went at random as the multiple takes must have spanned days -- the wisp would cover an eye, disappear in the next angle, then move behind an ear as the angle returned to the original shot. It became quite comical. The four different stories were tied together by Channing as a psychiatrist. In case you missed the tedious point of each one, she recapped each story's moral into a tape recorder at the end of the episode. Unless you are snowed in, don't bother with this four hour marathon. Half of it should have been left on the cutting room floor, and you can never recover wasted time!

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 5.9
Musician: Terence Blanchard
Running time: 237 min
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