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What Women Want (2000)
USA / French
"He has the power to hear everything women are thinking. Finally... a man is listening. "
After an accident, a chauvenistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.
Mel Gibson Nick Marshall
Helen Hunt Darcy McGuire
Marisa Tomei Lola
Alan Alda Dan Wanamaker
Ashley Johnson Alexandra 'Alex' Marshall
Mark Feuerstein Morgan Farwell
Lauren Holly Gigi
Delta Burke Eve
Valerie Perrine Margo
Judy Greer Erin the File Girl
Sarah Paulson Annie, Nick's Secretary
Ana Gasteyer Sue Cranston
Lisa Edelstein Dina
Loretta Devine Flo the Doorwoman
Diana-Maria Riva Stella
Director: Nancy Meyers
Producer: Susan Cartsonis,Bruce Davey,Gina Matthews,Nancy Meyers,Matt Williams
Writer: Josh Goldsmith,Cathy Yuspa
Hilarious! A laugh a minute!
Mel Gibson is known as sort of a macho action hero, and stereotyped into his Mad Max/Martin Riggs persona. But I've noticed (except for "Braveheart" and "The Patriot") he injects comic relief into almost anything he does. So doing a straight comedy doesn't seem like much of a stretch, and as you watch in a movie like this Gibson's timing and delivery is impeccable. On and off the camera, he has an incredible sense of humor, and he probably improvised some featured gags.

The premise is very original and interesting. A guy who can hear a woman's every thought? That's pretty much every man's fantasy. And the premise is used wisely. I laughed the whole way through! It's hilarious to watch Gibson emasculating himself by the minute, and the joke never runs dry.

I was laughing so much that I was able to tolerate the film's corny ending. I mean, when is a romantic comedy going to come along that doesn't feature a formulaic ending that is supposed to make people leave the theater and go "Awwww"?

The supporting cast is full of big stars. Bette Midler has an amusing cameo as a chain-smoking shrink. I only wish she could've had some additional scenes.

"What Women Want" is an original, feel-good comedy that will have you on the floor! This not a "chick flick." If you want to laugh--this is the movie to see! No questions asked!

My score: 8 (out of 10)

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Imdb rating: 6.3
Musician: Alan Silvestri
Running time: 127 min
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