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Very Bad Things (1998)
USA / English
"A very savage comedy. This fall. Tell no one. "
A prostitute is killed during a bachelor party and the attendees turn on each other as the wedding approaches.
Jon Favreau Kyle Fisher
Leland Orser Charles Moore
Cameron Diaz Laura Garrety
Christian Slater Robert Boyd
Rob Brownstein Man
Jeremy Piven Michael Berkow
Daniel Stern Adam Berkow
Jeanne Tripplehorn Lois Berkow
Joey Zimmerman Adam Berkow Jr.
Tyler Cole Malinger Timmy Berkow (as Tyler Malinger)
Kobé Tai Tina (as Carla Scott)
Russell B. McKenzie Security Guard
Pancho Demmings Cop (as Pancho Demings)
Blake Gibbons Suit
Angelo Di Mascio Jr. Clerk
Director: Peter Berg
Producer: Cindy Cowan,Diane Nabatoff,Michael Schiffer
Writer: Peter Berg
Very Good Movie
I guess this is a movie you either love or hate; I belong in the first category.

This movie shows what happens when people shed the moral constraints which normally control their conduct and give free rein to their vicious urges. It is a morality lesson and reason(if you need one) never to kill - or at least if you do not to burden yourselves with accomplices.

The reactions of those involved range from complete horror and remorse (Stern) to pure psychopathy (Slater) - who is able to dehumanise the first victim immediately, demeaning her to the mere status of an inconvenience to be disposed of (this is how many serial killers think)

This film gives lots of other valuable insights - and if you only come away from it certain that morality is not a democratic process but a matter of absolute right and wrong, then this movie has done what few achieve; it has educated you morally - following the majority blindly is one of mankinds greatest follies.

Slater is brilliant in his runaway amorality, as is Stern in his bouts of tortured guilt (the scene in the gas station when his kids demand 'Whizzers' is excruciatingly funny and at the same time so poignant that you may experience guilt yourself at finding the mental collapse of the most decent character in the film so hilarious)

Cameron Diaz plays the bride from hell with assuredness and gusto - if this movie puts you off murder it may well also put you off marriage. Her eventual fate, revealed in the closing scenes - is one of the most satisfying payoffs of a loathsome character in the history of film.

Comedy at its darkest - movie making at its best 9 out of 10

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Imdb rating: 5.8
Musician: Stewart Copeland
Running time: 100 min
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