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Venom (2005)
USA / English
"He Never Hurt A Soul Until The Day He Died. "
A pack of teenagers run for their lives through the swamps of Louisiana, as they are chased by Mr. Jangles, a man possessed by 13 evil souls who is relentless in his pursuit of new victims.
Agnes Bruckner Eden
Jonathan Jackson Eric
Laura Ramsey Rachel
D.J. Cotrona Sean
Rick Cramer Ray
Meagan Good Cece
Bijou Phillips Tammy
Method Man Deputy Turner
Pawel Szajda Ricky
Davetta Sherwood Patty
Stacey Travis Laura
Marcus Lyle Brown Terry (as Marcus Brown)
James Pickens Jr. Sheriff
Deborah Duke Miss Emmie
Michael James Dukes Paramedic
Director: Jim Gillespie
Producer: Scott Faye,Karen Lauder,Kevin Williamson
Writer: Flint Dille,John Zuur Platten
blood, guts and gore galore
I saw this movie at a screening as well and it must have been a different version than the reviewer who thought it was "pure $hite". While the acting for the most part is typical teenager and a little disappointing except for the bad guy, the film looks fantastic, the actions sequences are great as well as the kills, some of which were hard to watch due to their realism. In this version at least, the cheesy special effects seem to be gone or at least vastly improved from what the other reviewer saw. It moves pretty well except for a few scenes of obligatory explanations regarding the voodoo deal and "teen angst", but there are a couple of really good scares as well as a good sustained overall tension throughout. The kills are brutal for the most part with one exception thats kind of lame, but the fight sequence close to the end is especially effective and looks just great as well as what has to be some new scenes, possibly even a new ending, since the lighting and overall look is so different from the rest of the film, but it still looks great. In my humble opinion it's definitely worth seeing and an R rating based on the blood and gore if thats what you expect from a horror movie. Gillespie definitely knows how to make an audience squirm.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 4.5
Musician: James L. Venable
Running time: 85 min
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