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The Warriors (1979)
USA / English
"They outnumber the cops three to one. "
A gang called The Warriors are framed for killing a gang leader trying to unite all the gangs in the area. With other gangs gunning for them they must get back to the home turf of Coney Island... Alive.
Michael Beck Swan
James Remar Ajax
Dorsey Wright Cleon
Brian Tyler Snow
David Harris Cochise
Tom McKitterick Cowboy
Marcelino Sánchez Rembrandt
Terry Michos Vermin
Deborah Van Valkenburgh Mercy
Roger Hill Cyrus
David Patrick Kelly Luther
Lynne Thigpen Radio deejay
Ginny Ortiz Candy Store Girl
Mercedes Ruehl Policewoman in Central Park
John Snyder Gas Station Man
Director: Walter Hill
Producer: Laurent Bouzereau,Freeman A. Davies,Lawrence Gordon,Walter Hill
Writer: Sol Yurick,David Shaber
The best of the Best..
Walter Hill shows his directing flair again for action, drama and style in this crackling 1979 movie about a Coney Island gang falsely accused of murder and fleeing from everyone....including the other NYC gangs and the New York City Police Department. Set amongst a hostile, nocturnal world of neon lit train stations, baseball bat wielding gang members and lethal women "The Warriors" moves along at a frantic pace with a fine selection of young actors taking the lead. Michael Beck plays the cool headed, "war chief" Swan, seeking to get the other members back home to Coney Island alive and in one piece. James Remar is unforgettable as the woman chasing, hot headed Ajax...always out to prove his manhood with his fists. And David Patrick Kelly is perfect as the murderous, but ultimately cowardly leader of the Rogues. Attending a combined gangs meeting deep in the South Bronx to hear the Gramercy Riffs plans to control the streets of New York, the Warriors are wrongly accused of the shooting death of their charismatic leader, Cyrus. The finger of blame pointed their way, they flee via any means they can and upon their way back to home base encounter violent opposition from the Orphans, the Turnbull AC's, the Baseball Furies and even rifts within their own ranks lead to trouble. A colorful, exciting and fast paced the time of it's original release it drew criticism for allegedly encouraging gang activity, but now seems almost cartoon like in it's displays of violence.Hands down a great film,stands the test of time. 1 million stars

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Imdb rating: 7.4
Musician: Barry De Vorzon
Running time: 93 min
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