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Two for the Money(2005)
USA / English
After suffering a career-ending injury, a former college football star aligns himself with one of the most renowned touts in the sports-gambling business.
Al Pacino Walter Abrams
Matthew McConaughey Brandon Lang
Rene Russo Toni Morrow
Armand Assante Novian
Jeremy Piven Jerry
Jaime King Alexandria
Kevin Chapman Southie
Ralph Garman Reggie
Gedde Watanabe Milton
Carly Pope Tammy
Charles Carroll Chuck
Gerard Plunkett Herbie
Craig Veroni Amir
James Kirk Denny
Chrislyn Austin Julia
Director: D.J. Caruso
Producer: Jay Cohen,James G. Robinson
Writer: Dan Gilroy

Seen it:Ja
Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 6.1
Musician: Christophe Beck
Running time: 122 min
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