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Truth (2005)
Canada / English
A reporter is killed whilst investigating a story & her college friend and former professor join forces to try and find out who killed her.
Stephanie Zimbalist Meredith
Thea Gill Laura
Dean Cain Peter
Jovanna Huguet Christie McDermott
Beverley Breuer Denise Sweeny
Gary Chalk Jack Lycar (as Garry Chalk)
Peter Hanlon Carl Timmons
Michelle Harrison Amelia Moore
Stephen Lobo Todd Wynter
John F. Parker Gus
Dan Payne Rick Moore
Spencer Rochfort Detective Roy Moloney
Ari Solomon J.R. Oxley
Director: Timothy Bond
Producer: Sean Bowers,Jeffrey Schenck,James Shavick,Kirk Shaw
Writer: Jeff Blyth,Thomas C. Chapman
Very good movie. Should be in IMDb.
The Cast is: Stephanie Zimbalist, Thea Gill, Garry Chalk, Spencer Rochfort Stephen Lobo and Dean Caine. It was directed by Timohy bond. It's one of those made for TV movies that are very easy to miss. I discovered it looking for something else. I've been a fan of Stephanie Zimbalist for years. It was a much better movie than I had any right to expect. It had several clever twists and a really villainous thug. There was no romance that I could detect, but it didn't hurt the movie or the plot. The basic premise was believable and as always Stephanie Zimbalist gave an excellent performance. The movie had a somewhat surprising ending. It was very cleverly done.

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Imdb rating: 5.6
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