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The Visitation (2006)
USA / English
"Everyone has their demons "
The Visitation reveals a small town torn apart by supernatural events involving a mysterious stranger and his unsolved past.
Martin Donovan Travis Jordan
Edward Furlong Brandon Nichols
Kelly Lynch Morgan Elliot
Randy Travis Kyle Sherman
Richard Tyson Sheriff Brett Henchle
Ellen Geer Mrs. Macon
Joe Unger Matt Kiley
Priscilla Barnes Dee Henchle
Noah Segan Michael Elliot
James Horan Tall Man
Lew Temple Deputy Tommy Smalls
Hillary Tuck Darlene Henchle
Lin Ciangio Nancy Barrons
Frank Clem Nevin Sorrell
Don Swayze Abe
Director: Robby Henson
Producer: Joe Goodman,Bobby Neutz,Ralph Winter
Writer: Brian Godawa,Frank Peretti
Pretty good for a Christian Movie
I really had no desire to go and see this movie. I was more or less dragged along because we had an extra ticket. Sitting through the opening scenes my thoughts on the movie were pretty much the same except that the camera work was kind of weird. However as the movie went on I actually started to enjoy it. I thought the plot was pretty good and a lot of what was going on throughout the movie was explained by the end. I would say what they were but I would probably give parts away for those who haven't seen it yet. I would also have to agree with one of the other reviewers that this is a horror movie but in the style of Alfred Hitchcock, not anything like Saw or most modern horror flicks but more of just something to creep you out. When comparing to other Christian-based movies, I thought this one came out very well despite the lack of money they had to make it. The message comes across well stated and the movie was well done. I would recommend this title for anyone who is curious about whether or not they want to see it.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.2
Musician: David Bergeaud
Running time: 103 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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