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Strangers on a Train (1951)
USA / English
"A girl in love with young America's idol--and a good-looking stranger in search of sensation--that's how it all began..! Warner Bros. bring a pounding new tempo to motion picture entertainment! "
A psychotic socialite confronts a pro tennis star with a theory on how two complete strangers can get away with murder... a theory which he plans to implement.
Farley Granger Guy Haines
Ruth Roman Anne Morton
Robert Walker Bruno Anthony
Leo G. Carroll Sen. Morton
Patricia Hitchcock Barbara Morton
Kasey Rogers Miriam Joyce Haines (as Laura Elliott)
Marion Lorne Mrs. Anthony
Jonathan Hale Mr. Anthony
Howard St. John Police Capt. Turley
John Brown Prof. Collins
Norma Varden Mrs. Cunningham
Robert Gist Leslie Hennessy
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Producer: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Patricia Highsmith,Whitfield Cook
Strangers on a Train - a Review by Jo Henshaw

"Lets swap Murders- your wife, my father"- seemingly innocent conversation between two strangers - Bruno Anthony and Guy Haines when they meet over lunch on a train journey. Guy, a solid, respectable tennis player, whose problem is that his wife, the flirtatious Miriam, won't divorce him so he can marry senators daughter Anne, laughs the whole conversation off as a joke. The following week he isn't laughing any more. In a scene of classic Hitchcock suspense, Bruno stalks Miriam through a carnival and strangles her. As he does, her glasses fall off and we see the murder eerily reflected twice through her lenses. Cold hearted and amoral Bruno, his part of the deal completed, approaches an appalled Guy expecting, even pressuring him into 'doing his bit.' Matters are not helped when Anne's precocious and outspoken younger sister turns up suspecting Guy of Miriam's murder. So accused of a murder he didn't commit and expected to commit another, what is Guy going to do? The power of this film is in the presentation of human beings as having a murderous side to their nature - and this Hitchcock does to perfection.

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Imdb rating: 8.3
Musician: Dimitri Tiomkin
Running time: 96 min (cut version) / UK
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