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Stay Alive (2006)
USA / English
"It's the game of life and death.... "
For a group of teens, the answer to the mysterious death of their old friend lies within the world of an online video game based on the true story of an ancient noblewoman known as the Blood Countess.
Jon Foster Hutch
Samaire Armstrong Abigail
Frankie Muniz Swink
Jimmi Simpson Phineus
Wendell Pierce Detective Thibodeaux
Milo Ventimiglia Loomis Crowley
Sophia Bush October
Adam Goldberg Miller Banks
Billy Slaughter Rex
Nicole Oppermann Sarah
April Wood Loretta
Monica Monica Mrs. Crowley
Rio Hackford Detective King
Billy Louviere Fidget
J. Richey Nash Young Rookie (as Richey Nash)
Director: William Brent Bell
Producer: McG,Matthew Peterman,Peter Schlessel,James D. Stern
Writer: William Brent Bell,Matthew Peterman
Flawed But Very Entertaining
The teenager Loomis Crowley (Milo Ventimiglia) is testing the underground game Stay Alive with his friends Sarah (Nicole Oppermann) and Rex (Billy Slaughter). When the game is over, the impressed Loomis finds in the middle of the night Rex and Sarah dead in their room, and his is pushed by a shadow from the staircase, breaking the banister and hanging the same way he died in the game. Loomis's sister Emma gives his games to his best friend, Hutch (Jon Foster), and he joins his friends Miller (Adam Goldberg), Phineus (Jimmi Simpson) and his sister October (Sophia Bush), Swink (Frankie Muniz) and Abigail (Samaire Armstrong) to play the unknown game together. When Miller and Phineus die the same way they died in the game, the survivors disclose that the game is based on the life of the evil Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who was buried alive in the tower of her real state in the Geronge Plantation. With the police chasing them, and after the death of October, the survivors reach the house and try to find the corpse of the Countess to destroy her fiend.

"Stay Alive" is flawed, but it is very entertaining and underrated in IMDb. The story is not scary, but a pleasant adventure with good special effects, the actors and actresses have good performances and show good chemistry. The attitude of the police chasing the teenagers is the flawed and silliest part of the plot, and is simply forgotten in the rest of the story. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Stay Alive - Jogo Mortal" ("Stay Alive - Mortal Game")

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.2
Musician: John Frizzell
Running time: 85 min / 100 min (Unrated Director's Cut) / USA
Subtitles: Svenska
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