2 Fast 2 Furious
Öga rött, Ett

7 miljonärer (2006)
Finland / Swedish
Suzanne Reuter Judith
Loa Falkman Julius
Peter Andersson Måns
Sanna Bråding Bella
Fares Fares Kristoffer El-Zeid
Tomas Tivemark Sven
Reine Brynolfsson André/Kowalski
Ann-Sofie Rase Julius wife (as Ann-Sofie Raase)
Jouko Ahola Jerry
Niklas Larsson Julius 1963
Ivar Svensson Måns 1963
Ingvar Andersson Prästen
William Hjorth Boris Jr's röst (voice)
Director: Michael Hjorth
Producer: Martin Persson,Daniel Wagner
Writer: Michael Hjorth,Tomas Tivemark
If you would get $10 to watch this movie, do it. Otherwise, don't!
The movie starts out really well... You sit and think for yourself; "Man this movie could really be worth watching..." But the further into the movie you get, you begin to think; "Um... What were they thinking while they were making this movie?" Bad acting, over-acting, just acting funny. And so many silly no-good jokes that you could puke. And in the middle of the movie you already know how it's going to end. And probably the most annoying thing in the movie is the torpedo who acts just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. He walks around with a leather-jacket, sunglasses and a shotgun spreading classical quotes like "Hasta la vista, baby", "I'll be back" and "Fuck you, asshole". I've seen that in about seventeen other bad movies, come up with something new! The only good thing in this movie is actor Loa Falkman. His acting is good, and he's real funny too. You really pity his character. Suzanne Reuter is OK also. But in the end, this movie isn't worth your money. Keep them, go buy yourself 8 burgers instead.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 3.9
Running time: 94 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [Swedish]
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