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She Hate Me (2004)
USA / English
"One heterosexual male. 18 lesbians. His fee $10,000... each. "
Fired from his job for exposing corrupt business practices, a former biotech executive turns to impregnating wealthy lesbians for profit.
Anthony Mackie John Henry 'Jack' Armstrong
Kerry Washington Fatima Goodrich
Ellen Barkin Margo Chadwick
Monica Bellucci Simona Bonasera
Jim Brown Geronimo Armstrong
Ossie Davis Judge Buchanan
Jamel Debbouze Doak
Brian Dennehy Chairman Billy Church
Woody Harrelson Leland Powell
Ling Bai Oni (as Bai Ling)
Lonette McKee Lottie Armstrong
Paula Jai Parker Evelyn
Q-Tip Vada Huff
Dania Ramirez Alex Guerrero
John Turturro Don Angelo Bonasera
Director: Spike Lee
Producer: Preston L. Holmes,Spike Lee,Fernando Sulichin
Writer: Michael Genet,Michael Genet
His sperm counts!
There is no doubt that Spike Lee is one of the best movie directors working these days. He is an original. Mr. Lee ought to be seen more often. His films are always well crafted; he evidently enjoys working with the same team and it's obvious the actors love Mr. Lee. In his hands they all turn great appearances.

This film is a curious thing. As written for the screen by Michael Genet, the film tries to touch too many themes. It's a political look at something that went wrong in our past history, as well as an expose of corruption in high levels and a funny comedy about a man that is in the center of helping women get fulfillment.

Mr. Lee is perhaps telling us in a subtle way that we cannot ignore deceit and corruption in higher places. Corruption comes Jack Armstrong's way without he asking for it. He happens to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Jack was the epitome of a Buppie and his fall is caused by the system where he was a successful executive.

The performances are fabulous. Anthony Mackie, as Jack, is one of the best male roles in any Spike Lee's films. It helps that Mr. Mackie is an incredible actor who will go to bigger and better things and it's sad at the same time because Mr. Lee will probably will not be able to afford his salary in future films, the same way he can't afford Denzel Washington, or Samuel L. Jackson.

John Turturro keeps coming back to work with Mr. Lee and they both have a certain bond and they work well together. The mafioso played by Mr. Turturro is something not to be believed, as is his dialog. Ellen Barkin makes a rare appearance. She is an actress that projects sex appeal and mystery at the same time. Monica Belluci has a small role. Woody Harrelson also appears briefly. Lonnette McKey and Jim Brown are Jack's parents and they are good in their roles.

Kerry Washington as Fatima, the entrepreneurial young woman who comes to the rescue is a fresh face that is a welcome addition to the film. She is a talented actress who can hold her own against Mr. Mackie all the time.

As usual, music plays a great deal in the film. Terence Blanchard's score is never intrusive, but it balances the action well. The great cinematographer Matthew Libatique has given the film a patina that is rich and sensuous, at the same time.

Spike Lee is an acquired taste. Yes, we like him more every time we see one of his films!

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Imdb rating: 5.2
Musician: Terence Blanchard
Running time: 138 min
Subtitles: inga
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