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Shark Tale (2004)
USA / English
"In fall, a new school will rule. "
When a son of a gangster shark boss is accidently killed while on the hunt, his would be prey and his vegetarian brother both decide to use the incident to their own advantage.
Will Smith Oscar (voice)
Robert De Niro Don Lino (voice)
Renée Zellweger Angie (voice)
Jack Black Lenny (voice)
Angelina Jolie Lola (voice)
Martin Scorsese Sykes (voice)
Ziggy Marley Ernie (voice)
Doug E. Doug Bernie (voice)
Michael Imperioli Frankie (voice)
Vincent Pastore Luca (voice)
Peter Falk Don Feinberg (voice)
Katie Couric Katie Current (voice)
David Soren Shrimp/Worm/Starfish #1/Killer Whale #2 (voice)
David P. Smith Crazy Joe (voice)
Bobb'e J. Thompson Shortie #1 (voice)
Director: Bibo Bergeron,Vicky Jenson
Producer: Bill Damaschke,Janet Healy,Allison Lyon Segan
Writer: Michael J. Wilson,Rob Letterman
Adults will like this movie better than kids.
It could be just me but I thought that the humor in this movie was perfect. I laughed lot's of times throughout the movie and was very entertained by it. I however think that this movie will not be loved by young children, they simply will not be able to understand most of the jokes and the movie also lacks some 'likeable Disney type of characters' for them.

I never was really interested to go and watch this movie since it got lot's of bad reviews and I thought that the trailer looked horrible and very unfunny. I however decided to pick up this movie nevertheless because I was interested in how the famous voice cast would pull off, Martin Scorsese in particular. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the movie. the humor was spot on and I was entertained the whole time. I know lot's of people probably are going to hate me for this but I thought this movie was even better and more entertaining than any of the two Shrek movies.

The movie doesn't have a whole lot of story and is pretty average in every way. I however feel that this is one of this movies were the story really is secondary. The movie has your average love story, in which Angelina Jolie's character is really unnecessary and adds absolutely nothing, in my opinion but watching Robert De Niro's character scream and shout and giving orders to Martin Scorsese's character on the other hand was absolutely priceless.

Will Smith was a great main character and just as entertaining as Eddie Murphy in an animated movie.

I predict that the music in this movie will be absolutely hated in 20 years by now, just as much as I hate '80's music in movies now. No, I really didn't liked the songs in this movie mainly because in unlike the Shrek movies, they aren't any evergreens.

If you plan to buy this movie for your kids, think twice, you're probably better of watching "Finding Nemo" with them. If you're a adult or young adult that likes animated movies, this movie might be worth your time and money, although the humor in this movie is really a matter of taste.


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Nr of disks/tapes:2
Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 5.9
Musician: Hans Zimmer
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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