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The Scorpion King (2002)
USA / English
"Warrior. Legend. King. "
A desert warrior rises up against the evil army that is destroying his homeland. He captures the enemy's key sorcerer, takes her deep into the desert and prepares for a final showdown.
The Rock Mathayus the Scorpion King
Steven Brand Memnon
Michael Clarke Duncan Balthazar
Kelly Hu Cassandra
Bernard Hill Philos
Grant Heslov Arpid
Peter Facinelli Takmet
Ralf Moeller Thorak
Branscombe Richmond Jesup
Roger Rees King Pheron
Sherri Howard Queen Isis
Conrad Roberts Chieftain
Joseph Ruskin Tribal Leader
Esteban Cueto Third Akkadian
Nils Allen Stewart Torturer
Director: Chuck Russell
Producer: Sean Daniel,James Jacks,Kevin Misher,Stephen Sommers
Writer: Stephen Sommers,Jonathan Hales
Hecules/Xena episode with a bigger budget
I don't understand how anyone could compare this to the original Conan movie. Conan the Barbarian was handled with great direction, music, and an excellent storyline. Maybe if you compare this to Conan the Destroyer, then yes I can see the similarities.

Anyway, forget what you've seen with the Mummy Returns. Scorpion King tosses all rationality out the window, and is essentially a drawn out Hercules/Xena episode (with the horrible costumes included), with a lot of rock and metal and absurd dialogue from the Great One to make it look "modern" and "cool". Hey, this reminds me a lot of Kull the Conqueror in fact. Nothing in the movie makes any sense, and when actors begin to show emotion and drama (forcing them to actually act), it becomes ridiculous. Dwayne Johnson has done better as the Rock then he does as Mathayus. Sad to say, I did expect more with this movie. I had hoped this would resemble something of Ghengis Khan (you know, how one man became a powerful and fearsome warlord) but all I got was a generic movie made with zero effort and to milk the Mummy franchise for all its worth.


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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.2
Musician: John Debney
Running time: 92 min (Collector's Edition)
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]; Stereo [English]
Everything else:
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