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Say Uncle (2005)
USA / English
"The suburbs are about to get hysterical "
A young artist (Peter Paige), desperate to replace the relationship he had with his recently relocated godson, is targeted by a neighborhood mom (Kathy Najimy) as a potential threat to the community.
Peter Paige Paul Johnson
Kathy Najimy Maggie Butler
Anthony Clark Russell Trotter
Melanie Lynskey Susan
Gabrielle Union Elise Carter
Lisa Edelstein Sarah Faber
Jim Ortlieb David Berman
Katie O'Grady Mother #1
Ayanna Berkshire Mother #2
Don Adler Grant Sweet
Robert Blanche Phil
Betty Moyer Clothing Store Lady
Patrick Dizney Jim Faber
Heidi Herschbach Perky Receptionist
Beth Harper Adoption Agency Lady
Director: Peter Paige
Producer: Peter Paige,Christopher Racster
Writer: Peter Paige
A very touching film
This film is about a gay man who likes interacting with children, and hence being mistaken for a paedophile.

I find this film very impressive. The cinematography is excellent, the set designs are very well composed and visually attractive. The most important thing is that the plot is outstanding.

It deals with many social issues. It looks at how one person jumping into conclusions can cause so much bias and distorted viewpoints. It looks at how one vocal and persuasive person can influence the crowd, creating a herd effect not dissimilar to what Hitler was able to do. It examines how people are protective of children in such a way that they would rather accuse the good than to miss one bad guy. It also looks at how gay men are robbed of their rights to adopt, or to be near children because of the mistaken idea of "homosexuals have to be paedophiles".

I am immensely impressed by this film. It touches me and I am sure it will touch you too.

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Imdb rating: 5.7
Running time: 91 min
Subtitles: inga
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