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Ya-soo (2006)
SouthKorea / Korean
"Two men who will remain in your hearts. "
Sang-woo Kwone Jang Do-young
Ji-tae Yu Oh Jin-woo
Kil-Kang Ahn Yang Ki-taek
Seok-hyeon Jo Instructor
Jung-Hee Moon /td>
Byung-ho Son Yu Kang-jin
Ji-won Uhm Kang Joo-hee
Dong-geun Yun /td>
Director: Sung-su Kim
Some missed opportunities
I like Korean action cinema. They don't have to hide behind US Blockbusters, quite the contrary, there are movies that excel some of the Hollywood fare. But this movie is not quite up to that task, which is a shame.

The outline overall is quite good, the main actors are real enough (although their motives and intentions might be unclear and stay that way for some western audience members). The action set pieces are good, but a bit too shaky for my taste. A previous reviewer compared this movie to the wonderful "A bittersweet Life". I'd steer away from that comparison. A bittersweet Life is much more philosophical than this movie is, but more about that movie under it's own IMDb page (I highly recommend you to watch "A bittersweet Life")

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Imdb rating: 6.3
Running time: 124 min
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