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Road House 2: Last Call (2006)
USA / English
"Take It Outside... "
Johnathon Schaech Shane Tanner
Jake Busey Wild Bill
Crystal Mantecon Sherri the DEA Agent
Will Patton Nate Tanner
Ellen Hollman Beau
William Ragsdale Cooper
Cory Hart Chubby D'Acosta
Louis Herthum Deputy Garland Hendricks
Jennifer Anise Hot Dog Stand Girl (uncredited)
Dale Beasley Bar Patron
Amanda Best Waitress
Randy Bordelon Bar Patron
Acy Brown Bar Patron
Eric Cepeda Ricardo
Trace Cheramie Rollins
Grover Coulson DEA Agent Jim Monyhan
Sophia Crawford Nurse/DEA waitress
John F. Daniel Cowboy
Amber Dawn Waitress
Kristin Michelle Duncil Bar Girl
Lisa Marie Dupree Bar Girl
Louis Dupuy Dr. Gregory Morton
Dustin Estis Bar Patron
Bill Flynn Larry Briggs
Chris Fry Sherriff Ben Prophet
Jeff Galpin Henri
Eleanor Gautney Hospital Patient in wheelchair
Stuart Greer Captain Chris Shilton
Danny Cosmo Higginbottom Toad
Rebecca Holloway Socialite at bar
Pamela Houghton Dancer/scared at door
Erin Howell Girl 1
Tyler Linden Bar Fight Patron
Terry Milam Bar Patron at Front Table
Ritchie Montgomery Embry Davis
Rene Munguia Antoine DeMarco
Richard Norton Victor Crost
James Otto The Band
Ashley-Anne Parker Dancer in the club
Breon Pugh Bar Patron
Marisa Quintanilla Nadja
Alec Rayme Duffy Brother
Jason Reppert Cook
Delmaine Samuel Wild Bill villan
Larnell Stovall Marcus Reynolds
Cymia Telleria Betsy
Lawrence Varnado Luthor Keyes
Bryon Weiss Stone
Kimberly Whitfield Hospital Patient
Michael Wozniak DEA Agent
Director: Scott Ziehl
Producer: Yoram Pelman
Writer: Johnathon Schaech,Richard Chizmar
Awful even by direct-to-video standards
"Direct-to-video" is a phrase that never sounds promising to the consumer unless its a direct-to-video sequel to something that went direct-to-video in the first place. Despite this, studios have insisted on releasing numerous direct-to-video sequels over the years to cult hits. I don't think it even needs to be mentioned that these sequels rank among some of the worst titles of all time, including THE HITCHER II, STARSHIP TROOPERS 2, and CRUEL INTENTIONS 3. It's fitting that ROAD HOUSE 2 was helmed by Scott Ziehl as he was also the man in charge of ruining the Cruel Intentions series. Like his entry in the Cruel Intentions trilogy, Ziehl takes elements that made the first ROAD HOUSE a great guy flick, and rehashes them with no success whatsoever. This is no sequel, this is a remake all the way. Various lines from the original are repeated, plot points cut and pasted, and scenes are replicated almost shot-for-shot from the first one. The one thing that could not be duplicated were the amazing fight scenes, which made ROAD HOUSE what it was. Here, we get clumsily directed fight sequences that are either too short or too long and seemingly planned out and shot within an hour. Compare that with its predecessor's fight scenes that look like they took months and months to prepare. Ziehl is capable of directing action as he did well with the 2001 remake of EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, but none of the talent shown there comes through in this mess. It's not completely his fault, as the screenplay is very, very poorly written and clunky. I don't care if something goes direct-to-video, a good script is still required. Someone should keep that mind while continuously churning these low-budget, direct-to-DVD movies out. Skip it entirely. 0/10

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.4
Musician: Amotz Plessner
Running time: 86 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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