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Requiem for a Dream (2000)
USA / English
"From the director of [Pi] "
The hopes and dreams of four ambitious people are shattered when their drug addictions begin spiraling out of control.
Charlotte Aronofsky Mrs. Miles
Joanne Gordon Mrs. Ovadia
Suzanne Shepherd Mrs. Scarlini
Janet Sarno Mrs. Pearlman
Marcia Jean Kurtz Rae
Louise Lasser Ada
Christopher McDonald Tappy Tibbons
Marlon Wayans Tyrone C. Love
Jennifer Connelly Marion Silver
Jared Leto Harry Goldfarb
Ellen Burstyn Sara Goldfarb
Mark Margolis Mr. Rabinowitz
Michael Kaycheck Donut Cop (as Mike Kaycheck)
Jack O'Connell Corn Dog Stand Boss
Chas Mastin Lyle Russel
Ajay Naidu Mailman
Sean Gullette Arnold The Shrink
Samia Shoaib Nurse Mall
Peter Maloney Dr. Pill
Abraham Abraham King Neptune
Aliya Campbell Alice
Te'ron A. O'Neal Young Tyrone
Denise Dowse Tyrone's Mother
Bryan Chattoo Brody
Eddie De Harp Brody's Henchman Victor
Scott Franklin Voice of Jailer
Peter Cheyenne Sal the Geep (as Peter Howard)
Brian Costello First AD
Abraham Aronofsky Newspaper Man on Train
James Chinlund Space Oddity
Olga Merediz Malin & Block Secretary
Allison Furman Malin & Block Office Woman
Robert Dylan Cohen Paramedic Greenhill
Ben Shenkman Dr. Spencer
Keith David Big Tim
Dylan Baker Southern Doctor
Shaun O'Hagan Ward Attendant Seto
Leland Gantt Ward Attendant Penn
Bill Buell Court Doctor
Jimmie Ray Weeks Prison Guard
Gregg Bello E.R. Doctor
Henry Stram ECT Technician
Heather Litteer Big Tim Party Girl
Jenny Decker Big Tim Party Girl
Ami Goodheart Big Tim Party Girl
Nina Zavarin Big Tim Party Girl
Stanley Herman Uncle Hank (as Stanley B. Herman)
Scott Bader Party Animal
Jim Centofanti Party Animal
Scott Chait Party Animal
Daniel Clarin Party Animal
Ben Cohen Party Animal
Eric Cohen Party Animal
Brett Feinstein Party Animal
Ricky Fier Party Animal
John Getz Party Animal
Andrew Kessler Party Animal
Ross Lombardo Party Animal
Carter Mansbach Party Animal
Scott Miller Party Animal
Todd Miller Party Animal
Joshua Pollack Banker
Craig Rallo Party Animal
Geordan Reisner Party Animal
Keith Scandore Party Animal
David Seltzer Party Animal
Chris Varvaro Party Animal
Ricardo Viñas Party Animal
Chad Weiner Party Animal
Jesse Weissberger Party Animal
Greg Weissman Party Animal
Hubert Selby Jr. Laughing Guard
Lianna Pai Angelic Nurse
Darren Aronofsky Visitor (uncredited)
Diana Berry Malin & Block executive (uncredited)
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Producer: Eric Watson,Palmer West
Writer: Hubert Selby Jr.,Hubert Selby Jr.
The film-making quality is secondary- this film makes you FEEL
Often hype about films lead to disappointment and after waiting 14 months after release for my local cinema to show this film, I was done thinking about it. Thank goodness too, rather than challenge my brain (not hard to do unfortunately) this film went straight for the heart, ripped it out and kicked it around the floor for 90 minutes. As the addictions plunged further into the depths of Hell, I felt myself more and more arrested by the film. I've never left a film shaking or feeling physically ill- not including Pearl Harbour, of course :) You want to look away, but cannot.

This movie is by no means flawless, but then again I would like to hope that the flaws add to the gritty reality of the film. The ending was truly the most frightening thing I have ever seen in film- forget the cheap scares of The Exorcist, Psycho and the endless bile of the 'slasher flick', this stuff is REAL.

In a country amid a 'war against drugs' this is a powerful film which could do more to turn kids away from drugs than any measly government "task-force" or classroom lecture.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 8.5
Musician: Clint Mansell
Running time: 100 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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