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Repmånad (1979)
Sweden / Swedish
"Hur man gör pojkar av män. "
It's time for Jonsson to return to his old regiment to rehearse what he learned during conscription a few years ago...
Janne 'Loffe' Carlsson Oskar Löfgren
Lasse Åberg Helge Jonsson
Ted Åström Börje Larsson
Lasse Haldenberg Hans Öberg
Weiron Holmberg Tore Tallroth
Lennart Skoogh Jonas Gustafsson
Ingvar Andersson Captain 'Beethoven'
Lena-Maria Gårdenäs-Lawton Bea (as Lena-Maria)
Agneta Prytz Helge's mother
Peter Ahlm Major
Lars Amble Chief Editor
Bengt Berger Col. Berg
Malou Berg Doris' Friend
Monica Dominique Doris
Charlie Elvegård Göte
Director: Lasse Åberg,Peter Hald
Producer: Bo Jönsson
Writer: Bo Jönsson,Lars Molin
superb movie

I love this movie. I think it's the best Swedish movie ever. What does that say about Swedish movies? Not too much actually.

If you appreciate the "Sällskapresan" movies you will definitely enjoy this film. Note that I am mainly talking to people living in Sweden. Not only is the film hard to obtain in other countries, but I don't think that foreigners will appreciate the jokes. (But if you like "Stripes" you probably will enjoy it!) Actually, there aren't that many jokes. The film itself is so humorous and sarcastic, and the characters are so happy and down to earth.

I love Lasse Åberg's image in these movies. You simply CAN'T dislike the man. "Too bad, he was a nice guy. But the fight for peace and freedom must go on!"

So take a chance. Rent "Repmånad" and join Löwgren, Gurkan, Tallroth, Jonsson and the other lovely guys as they make the lives of Commandant Larsson and Captain Nils "Beethoven" Jönsson miserable.

One good reason to watch this movie: You will know at least three new names for liquor! And always remember: There are two T:s in Tvetaberg. Take care

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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 6.2
Musician: Janne Schaffer
Running time: 85 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [Swedish]; Stereo [Swedish]
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