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"Everybody Hates Chris" - Al Whiting as Paramedic (18 episodes, 2005-2006) in "Everybody Hates Chris"

11:14 - Jason Segel as Leon (Paramedic #1) in 11:14

11:14 - Rick Gomez as Kevin (Paramedic #2) in 11:14

American Gangster - Roxanne Amandez as Paramedic in American Gangster

American Gangster - Laurence Lowry as Paramedic in American Gangster

Blades of Glory - Christopher Reed as World Games Paramedic (as Chris Reed) in Blades of Glory

Cellular - Rob Nagle as Paramedic in Cellular

Deja Vu - Lew Temple as Paramedic in Deja Vu

Deja Vu - Charles Hirsch as Paramedic (as Charlie Hirsch) in Deja Vu

Deja Vu - Ronald Mason as EMT Paramedic in Deja Vu

In a Dark Place - Paul Schroeder as Paramedic in In a Dark Place

Man of the Year - Reuben Thompson as Paramedic in Man of the Year

Million Dollar Baby - Jamison Yang as Paramedic in Million Dollar Baby

Monster House - Woody Schultz as Paramedic #1 (voice) in Monster House

Monster House - Ian McConnel as Paramedic #2 (voice) in Monster House

Mr. Woodcock - Sean Dwyer as Paramedic in Mr. Woodcock

Requiem for a Dream - Robert Dylan Cohen as Paramedic Greenhill in Requiem for a Dream

Room 6 - Andrew Davoli as Paramedic (as Andy Davoli) in Room 6

Skinwalkers - Everton Lawrence as Paramedic in Skinwalkers

Stay - Becky Ann Baker as Paramedic #1/Butch Cook in Stay

Stay - Lisa Kron as Paramedic #2 in Stay

The Contract - Jonas Talkington as Paramedic in The Contract
The Hitcher - Kurt Bryant as Paramedic in The Hitcher
Venom - Michael James Dukes as Paramedic in Venom