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"The 4400" - Richard Kahan as Marco Pacella (29 episodes, 2004-2007) in "The 4400"

A Man Apart - Marco Rodríguez as Hondo (as Marco Rodriguez) in A Man Apart

Bad Boys II - Jason Manuel Olazabal as Detective Marco Vargas in Bad Boys II

Bordertown - Juan Diego Botto as Marco Antonio Salamanca in Bordertown

Cellular - Marco DiMaio as Superior Officer (as Marco Dimaio) in Cellular

Deuces Wild - Norman Reedus as Marco in Deuces Wild

Disorder - Gabriel Jonas as Paul DeMarco in Disorder

Ed Wood - Max Casella as Paul Marco in Ed Wood

Förortsungar - Christopher Mhina as Marco in Förortsungar

Million Dollar Baby - Marco Rodríguez as Second at Vegas Fight (as Marco Rodriguez) in Million Dollar Baby

Nine Queens - Ricardo Darín as Marcos in Nine Queens

Road House 2: Last Call - Rene Munguia as Antoine DeMarco in Road House 2: Last Call

Swordfish - Vinnie Jones as Marco in Swordfish

Talk to her - Darío Grandinetti as Marco Zuluaga in Talk to her

The Manchurian Candidate - Denzel Washington as Ben Marco in The Manchurian Candidate

The School of Rock - Sarah Silverman as Patty Di Marco in The School of Rock

This Girl's Life - Sean Douglas as Marco in This Girl's Life

Where the Truth Lies - Maury Chaykin as Sally Sanmarco in Where the Truth Lies