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"Battlestar Galactica" - Mary McDonnell as President Laura Roslin / ... (54 episodes, 2004-2008) in "Battlestar Galactica"

21 Grams - Claire Pakis as Laura in 21 Grams

All You've Got - Sarah Mason as Laura McDonald in All You've Got

American Pie Presents: Beta House - Italia Ricci as Laura Johnson in American Pie Presents: Beta House

Analyze That - Lisa Kudrow as Laura Sobel in Analyze That

Analyze This - Lisa Kudrow as Laura MacNamara Sobel in Analyze This

Are You Scared - Carlee Avers as Laura in Are You Scared

Beauty Shop - Laura Hayes as Paulette (as Miss Laura Hayes) in Beauty Shop

Beyond Re-Animator - Elsa Pataky as Laura Olney in Beyond Re-Animator

Birth - Alison Elliott as Laura in Birth

Brick - Nora Zehetner as Laura in Brick

Capote - Allie Mickelson as Laura Kinney in Capote

Disorder - Beth Benjamin as Laura Casey in Disorder

Flyboys - Ruth Bradley as Laura in Flyboys

Hide and Seek - Melissa Leo as Laura in Hide and Seek

High Fidelity - Iben Hjejle as Laura in High Fidelity

Hostage - Tina Lifford as Laura Shoemaker in Hostage

Human Nature - Laura Grady as Aversion Therapy Model (as Laura Grady Peterson) in Human Nature

Imagine Me & You - Justine Mitchell as Laura in Imagine Me & You
John Q - Laura Harring as Gina Palumbo (as Laura Elena Harring) in John Q
Little Fish - Lisa McCune as Laura in Little Fish

Popcorn - Charlotte Bellis Ferreira as Laura in Popcorn

Saw II - Beverley Mitchell as Laura in Saw II

Smokey and the Bandit - Laura Lizer Sommers as Little Beaver, Lady Truck Driver (as Laura Lizer) in Smokey and the Bandit

Species II - Marg Helgenberger as Dr. Laura Baker in Species II

Strangers on a Train - Kasey Rogers as Miriam Joyce Haines (as Laura Elliott) in Strangers on a Train

The Day After Tomorrow - Emmy Rossum as Laura Chapman in The Day After Tomorrow

The Good Shepherd - Tammy Blanchard as Laura in The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd - Robert C. Kirk as Laura's Taxi Driver in The Good Shepherd

The Number 23 - Rhona Mitra as Laura Tollins in The Number 23

The Outlaw Josey Wales - Sondra Locke as Laura Lee in The Outlaw Josey Wales

Truth - Thea Gill as Laura in Truth

Venom - Stacey Travis as Laura in Venom

Very Bad Things - Cameron Diaz as Laura Garrety in Very Bad Things

White Noise 2: The Light - Vanesa Tomasino as Laura in White Noise 2: The Light

Whole New Thing - Leah Fassett as Laura in Whole New Thing