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"Numb3rs" - Peter MacNicol as Dr. Larry Fleinhardt / ... (51 episodes, 2005-2007) in "Numb3rs"

30 Days of Night - Thomas Newman as Larry Robbins in 30 Days of Night

44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out - Andrew Bryniarski as Larry Eugene Phillips Jr. in 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out

Alien: Resurrection - Leland Orser as Larry Purvis in Alien: Resurrection

Almost Famous - Mark Kozelek as Larry Fellows in Almost Famous

Awake - Christopher McDonald as Dr. Larry Lupin in Awake

Bandits - Richard Riehle as Larry Fife in Bandits

Being John Malkovich - Carlos Jacott as Larry the Agent in Being John Malkovich

Bewitched - Jim Turner as Larry in Bewitched

Boyz n the Hood - Laurence Fishburne as Jason 'Furious' Styles (as Larry Fishburne) in Boyz n the Hood

Clockers - John Turturro as Det. Larry Mazilli in Clockers

Closer - Clive Owen as Larry in Closer

Colors - Grand L. Bush as Larry Sylvester (as Grand Bush) in Colors

Deconstructing Harry - Billy Crystal as Larry / in Deconstructing Harry

Deja Vu - Matt Craven as Agent Larry Minuti - ATF in Deja Vu

Eight Legged Freaks - Matt Holwick as Larry in Eight Legged Freaks

Final Destination - Forbes Angus as Mr. Larry Murnau in Final Destination

Fletch - Geena Davis as Larry in Fletch

Glengarry Glen Ross - Bruce Altman as Larry Spannel in Glengarry Glen Ross

Halloween - Tom Towles as Larry Redgrave in Halloween

Herbie Fully Loaded - Thomas Lennon as Larry Murphy in Herbie Fully Loaded

Home on the Range - Marshall Efron as Larry, the Duck (voice) in Home on the Range

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - Kevin James as Larry Valentine in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Jaws - Murray Hamilton as Mayor Larry Vaughn in Jaws

Jaws 2 - Murray Hamilton as Mayor Larry Vaughn in Jaws 2

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector - Larry The Cable Guy as Larry in Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Little Black Book - Jason Antoon as Larry in Little Black Book

Little Miss Sunshine - Gordon Thomson as Larry Sugarman in Little Miss Sunshine

Live Free or Die - Clark Middleton as Larry in Live Free or Die

Meet the Parents - James Rebhorn as Dr. Larry Banks in Meet the Parents

Night at the Museum - Ben Stiller as Larry Daley in Night at the Museum

Nine Lives - Ian McShane as Larry in Nine Lives

North by Northwest - Robert Shayne as Larry Wade in North by Northwest
Open Window - Justin Ashforth as Larry in Open Window
Poseidon - Kevin Dillon as Lucky Larry in Poseidon

Puff, Puff, Pass - Danny Masterson as Larry in Puff, Puff, Pass

Reservoir Dogs - Harvey Keitel as Mr. White/Larry Dimmick in Reservoir Dogs

Road House 2: Last Call - Bill Flynn as Larry Briggs in Road House 2: Last Call

Ronin - Skipp Sudduth as Larry in Ronin

Rush Hour - Larry Sullivan as Cop at Diner (as Larry Sullivan Jr.) in Rush Hour

Shade - Jamie Foxx as Larry Jennings in Shade

Sky High - Loren Berman as Little Larry in Sky High
The Hamiltons - Larry Laverty as Larry Davies in The Hamiltons
The Perfect Score - Matthew Lillard as Larry in The Perfect Score

The Player - Peter Gallagher as Larry Levy in The Player

The Shaggy Dog - Jarrad Paul as Larry in The Shaggy Dog

The Shining - Tony Burton as Larry Durkin in The Shining

Two Weeks Notice - Robert Klein as Larry Kelson in Two Weeks Notice

Zoolander - Jon Voight as Larry Zoolander in Zoolander