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"Snapphanar" - Samuel Hellström as Joshua Swartz in "Snapphanar"

An American Haunting - Sam Alexander as Joshua Gardner in An American Haunting

Clueless - Paul Rudd as Josh in Clueless

Cube Zero - Joshua Peace as Finn (as Josh Peace) in Cube Zero

Deuces Wild - Joshua Leonard as Punchy (as Josh Leonard) in Deuces Wild

Edison - Justin Timberlake as Josh Pollack in Edison

Getting Played - Joe Torry as Josh in Getting Played

Ghost World - Brad Renfro as Josh in Ghost World

Hollow Man II - Nolan Funk as Josh in Hollow Man II

Hostel - Derek Richardson as Josh in Hostel

Lethal Weapon - Gary Busey as Mr. Joshua in Lethal Weapon

Lie with Me - Don Francks as Joshua in Lie with Me

Little Miss Sunshine - Justin Shilton as Josh in Little Miss Sunshine

Lucky You - David Oppenheim as Josh Cohen in Lucky You

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs (as Kevin R. McNally) in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pretty Persuasion - Josh Zuckerman as Josh Horowitz in Pretty Persuasion

Pulse - Jonathan Tucker as Josh in Pulse

Red Dragon - Tyler Patrick Jones as Josh Graham in Red Dragon

Road Trip - Breckin Meyer as Josh Parker in Road Trip

The Blair Witch Project - Joshua Leonard as Joshua 'Josh' Leonard in The Blair Witch Project

The Constant Gardener - John Sibi-Okumu as Dr. Joshua Ngaba in The Constant Gardener

The Core - Aaron Eckhart as Dr. Josh Keyes in The Core

The Guardian - Joshua Mitcheltree as Mitcheltree (as PO2 Joshua Mitcheltree, USCG) in The Guardian

The Shaggy Dog - Spencer Breslin as Josh Douglas in The Shaggy Dog

The Ten Commandments - John Derek as Joshua in The Ten Commandments

Timeline - Ethan Embry as Josh Stern in Timeline

View from the Top - Joshua Malina as Randy Jones (as Josh Malina) in View from the Top

White Noise 2: The Light - Joshua Ballard as Danny Dale (as Josh Ballard) in White Noise 2: The Light