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"Ghost Whisperer" - Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon (44 episodes, 2005-2007) in "Ghost Whisperer"

"Heist" - Mark Derwin as Sam Gordon (5 episodes, 2006) in "Heist"

"Heist" - Molly Culver as Rebecca Gordon (5 episodes, 2006) in "Heist"

A Christmas Story - Paul Hubbard as Flash Gordon in A Christmas Story

Batman - Pat Hingle as Commissioner James Gordon in Batman

Batman Begins - Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon in Batman Begins

Be Cool - Paul Adelstein as Hy Gordon in Be Cool

Blue Velvet - Fred Pickler as Det. Tom Gordon in Blue Velvet

Body Shots - Adam Lieberman as Burger Joint Cop (as Adam Gordon) in Body Shots

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - Stephen Root as Gordon in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Half Light - Jamie Edgell as Gordon McCloud in Half Light

Harold and Maude - Gordon Devol as Police Officer (as Gordon DeVol) in Harold and Maude

High Fidelity - John Cusack as Rob Gordon in High Fidelity

High Fidelity - Drake Bell as Young Rob Gordon in High Fidelity

I Know Who Killed Me - Clint Johnson as Gordon (scenes deleted) in I Know Who Killed Me

Imagine Me & You - Rick Warden as Gordon in Imagine Me & You

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 - Chia Hui Liu as Johnny Mo (as Gordon Liu) in Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 - Chia Hui Liu as Pai Mei (as Gordon Liu) in Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Old School - Jeremy Piven as Dean Gordon 'Cheese' Pritchard in Old School

Predator Island - Daniel Gordon as Chris (as Dan Gordon) in Predator Island

Red Eye - Mary Kathleen Gordon as Airline Representative (as Mary-Kathleen Gordon) in Red Eye

Saw - Cary Elwes as Dr. Lawrence Gordon in Saw

Saw - Makenzie Vega as Diana Gordon in Saw

Saw - Monica Potter as Alison Gordon in Saw

Severance - Andy Nyman as Gordon in Severance

Skyscraper - Richard Steinmetz as Gordon Wisk in Skyscraper

Space Cowboys - Gordy Owens as Simsupe (as Gordon Owens) in Space Cowboys

Step Up - Rachel Griffiths as Director Gordon in Step Up

Superman III - Gordon Rollings as Man in Cap (as Gordon Rawlings) in Superman III

The Cell - Jake Weber as FBI Special Agent Gordon Ramsey in The Cell

The Contract - William Tapley as Gordon Jennings in The Contract

The Deal - David Morrissey as Gordon Brown in The Deal

The Proposition - Shane Watt as John Gordon in The Proposition

The Reaping - Stuart Greer as Gordon Small in The Reaping

Timeline - Neal McDonough as Frank Gordon in Timeline

White Chicks - Frankie Faison as Section Chief Elliott Gordon in White Chicks

Wild Wild West - Kevin Kline as U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon/Pres. Ulysses S. Grant in Wild Wild West