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"Pride and Prejudice" - Lucy Scott as Charlotte Lucas in "Pride and Prejudice"

"Sex and the City" - Kristin Davis as Charlotte York (94 episodes, 1998-2004) in "Sex and the City"

Boy Eats Girl - Sarah Burke as Charlotte in Boy Eats Girl

Charlotte's Web - Julia Roberts as Charlotte the Spider in Charlotte's Web

Georgia Rule - Charlotte Marshall-Fricker as Charlotte in Georgia Rule

Ivansxtc - Lisa Enos as Charlotte White in Ivansxtc

Lost in Translation - Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte in Lost in Translation

Pride & Prejudice - Claudie Blakley as Charlotte Lucas in Pride & Prejudice

Ride or Die - Tracia Daye as Charlotte Walker in Ride or Die
Seraphim Falls - Shannon Zeller as Charlotte in Seraphim Falls
Tell No One - Florence Thomassin as Charlotte Bertaud in Tell No One

Tell No One - Maxim Nucci as Assistant de Charlotte Bertaud (as Maxime Nucci) in Tell No One

The Darkling - Lisa Linde as Charlotte Avenel in The Darkling

The Patriot - Joely Richardson as Charlotte Selton in The Patriot

Utvalde, Den - Angelica Roberts as Charlotte in Utvalde, Den
Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj - Lauren Cohan as Charlotte Higginson in Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj